CAT Question Bank - Escalators (Time, Speed & Distance)

  • Q9) A woman is walking down a downward moving escalator and steps down 10 steps to reach the bottom. Just as she reaches the bottom a sale commences on the floor above. She runs back up on the downward moving escalator at a speed five times that which she walked down. She covers 25 steps in reaching the top. How many steps are visible on the escalator when it is switched off ?

  • We have given his speeds
    so let his earlier speed be 1 step/minute and speed of escalator be x.
    So time taken to walk 10 steps is 10 mins
    Case 1) 10 + 10x
    Case 2) His speed increases by 5 times so new speed becomes 5 steps/ min and time taken is 5 mins
    25 - 5x
    10 + 10x = 25 - 5x
    x = 1
    total stairs = 20
    [Credits : Shweta Arora]

  • Q10) Rahul & Ajay walk up an escalator which is moving at a constant speed. Rahul takes 2 steps for every 4 steps of Ajay. Ajay takes 20 steps while Rahul takes 12 steps to reach the top. Find how many visible steps are there on the staircase?

  • 20 + 5e = 12 + 6e
    e = 8
    Total steps = 20 + 5 x 8 = 60

  • Q11) A man can walk up in a moving escalator in 30 s. The same man can walk down this moving up escalator in 90s. Assume that this walking speed is sane both upwards and downwards. How much time will he take to walk up the escalator when it is not moving ?

  • Shyama = 3
    Ramesh = 2
    25 + 25e/3 = 20 + 10e
    e = 3
    Total steps : 20 + 10 x 3 = 50

  • Speed of man = x steps/min,
    Speed of escalator = n steps/min up only.
    In 30 secs,
    Total steps upward = (x+n)/2 steps
    In 90 secs downwards = (x-n)*3/2 steps
    These two steps count should be equal.
    x = 2n
    Time taken= 45 secs
    [credits: Rohit Kumar Pandey]

  • Q12) A person, A, starts descending from the first floor of a building to the ground floor on a descending escalator, while another person, B, simultaneously starts ascending from the ground floor of the building to the first floor, using the same escalator. If the speed of B is twice that of A, and A and B take 30 steps and 120 steps to reach their respective destinations, find the number of steps that are visible on the escalator when it is stationary.

  • Let A = 1 step/min
    B = 2 steps/min and the speed of escalator = e
    30 + 30e = 120 - 60e
    90e = 90
    e = 1step/min
    Total steps = 30 + 30 x 1 = 60
    [credits : Shivam Agrawal]

  • Q13) A man can walk up a moving "Up" escalator in 30 sec. The same man can walk down this moving "Up" escalator in 90 sec. assume that his walking speed is same upwards and downwards. How much time will he talk to walk up the escalator when its not moving ??
    a) 30
    b) 45
    c) 60
    d) 90
    e) None of these

  • Let escalator moves up with a speed of E steps per sec and man moves with a speed of 1 step per sec
    when both are moving up
    S = (E+1)
    T = 30
    So D = 30 (E+1)
    Now when man moves down on up moving escalator
    S= (1-E)
    T = 90
    D= 30(E+1)
    on solving E = 1/2 steps per sec
    D= 45

  • Q14) Two persons A and B are walking down an escalator in the direction of the motion of the escalator. The ratio of the speeds (in steps) of A and B is 2 : 1 respectively. A covers 60 steps to get out of the escalator and B takes 40 steps to do the same. Find the number of steps in the escalator when it is stationary?
    a) 80
    b) 90
    c) 120
    d) 150

  • When A takes 60 steps, let Escalator takes x steps.
    Total no. of steps on a stionary esc = x + 60.
    so B will take 30 Steps since Speed is half.
    So when B takes 40 steps Escalator should take 4/3x steps.
    4/3x + 40 = x+60 and hence x = 60
    Ans = 120

  • Q15) There is an escalator going up from the ground floor to the first floor. Raghu is climbing up the escalator while Rajan is climbing down (from the first floor to the ground floor) on the same escalator. On a stationary escalator, the time taken by Rajan to climb 8 steps is same as the time taken by Raghu to climb 6 steps. On the moving escalator, if Raghu takes 18 steps to reach the first floor while Rajan takes 60 steps to reach the ground floor, how many steps are there on the escalator?
    a) 24
    b) 30
    c) 36
    d) 48

  • d-18/t1 = (60-d)/t2
    60/t2/(18/t1) = 4/3
    hence t1/t2= 2/5
    so 5d - 90= 120 - 2d
    so 7d = 210
    d = 30
    [credits : Biswanath Chakraborty]

  • Q16) An escalator is coming down at a constant speed . Vivek takes 40 steps to reach to the bottom .The time in which he takes 15 steps , Samar manages to reach the bottom by taking 45 steps .If the escalator were turned off, how many steps would they have to take to walk down?

  • n is speed of escalator.
    so steps of escalator= n(40/v) = n * time in which vivek takes 40 steps
    no. of steps = 40 + n(40/v) = 45 + n(45/3v)
    3v since samar covers 45 steps by the time vivek covers 15 steps.
    5 = 25n/v
    so n/v = 1/5
    so steps=40 + 40n/v
    = 40 + 40 * 1/5
    = 48.
    [credits: @swetabh_kumar]

  • Q17) A man wants to go to the first floor of the building. He can either go from an escalator which is going up to the first floor or from an escalator which is coming down from the first floor. He takes 40 steps if he goes up with an escalaor going up and 160 steps if he goes up with an escalator coming down. The speed of both the escalators is same. Find out the number of steps on an escalator

  • If e is the speed of escalator and s is man's speed.
    40 + (e/s) * 40 = 160 - (e/s) * 160
    e/s = 3/5
    thus total steps = 40 + (3/5) * 40 = 64

  • Q18) An escalator is descending at constant speed. A walks down and takes 50 steps to reach the bottom. B runs down faster and takes 90 steps to reach the bottom.If B takes 90 steps in the same time as A takes 10 steps then how many steps are visible when the escalator is not operating?

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