DILR Sets (with Video solutions) - Shashank Prabhu, CAT 100 Percentiler - Part 8

  • Set 22

    Six girls P, Q, R, S, T and U have to be allotted six seats in a particular row of an AC chair car compartment of Jan Shatabdi express. The seats are successively numbered from 41 to 46 in order. Seats numbered 41 and 46 are window seats, while 43 and 44 are aisle seats.

    Allotment of seats has to be made according to the following conditions:
    I. Q and S quarrel a lot, so they must not be in adjacent seats.
    II. S and U are best friends, so they are to be given adjacent seats.
    III. R cannot sit for long hours at a time, so she must be allotted a seat along the passage.
    IV. T has requested for a window seat, so she should be allotted one.

    1. If P gets seat 42 and T does not get seat 41, which of the following must be true?
      a. S is allotted seat numbered 44
      b. Q is allotted a window seat
      c. U is allotted a seat along the passage.
      d. None of these

    2. If Q is allotted seat number 42, and R is not allotted seat number 43, then which of the following statements are necessarily true?
      I. P is allotted seat number 43.
      II. S is allotted seat number 45.
      III. T is allotted seat number 41.
      IV. U is allotted a window seat.
      a. I and II
      b. II and III
      c. I and III
      d. II and IV

    3. If S is not allotted seats 41, 42 or 43 and Q is allotted a seat beside U, then which of the following must be true?
      a. P is allotted seat number 42
      b. T is allotted seat number 41
      c. U is allotted seat number 45
      d. All three statements are true

    4. If T is allotted seat number 46 and U gets a seat along the passage, then which of the following must be true?
      a. S = 42/45
      b. P = 41/42
      c. Q = 41/42/45
      d. All of these

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    Set 23

    To identify the best players of Clash Royale and to encourage good players reach the next level, there was a CCGS tournament that was conducted. There were several players who participated in the tournament. Each player was categorised as either a ‘Master’ or a ‘Noob’. A ‘Noob’ would immediately turn ‘Master’ once he had played exactly 3 matches with ‘Master’ players in the tournament. There were 3 rounds in the tournament. At the end of Round 3 it was found that each player had now turned a ‘Master’. No player left the tournament before the completion of Round 3.

    The following table provides the information about the number of matches played in each round and the number of ‘Master’ and ‘Noob’ players at the beginning of each round.


    Here, X, Y, A, B, P and Q represent missing values in the table.

    Further, the following information is given below:
    i. Each match involved one ‘Master’ and one ‘Noob’ player.
    ii. It is not necessary that each player played a match in every Round.
    iii. At the end of Round 1, the number of ‘Noob’ players was half of the number of ‘Master’ players.
    iv. There were exactly 3 more ‘Master’ players at the beginning of Round 2 as compared to the beginning of Round 1.

    1. How many matches were played in the tournament? If you cannot determine the number of matches uniquely, type in 0 as your answer.

    2. What can be the maximum possible difference between any two possible values of Q?

    3. Which of the following cannot be TRUE?
      I. P – Q = 4
      II. P – Q = 6
      III.P – Q = 3
      a. Only I
      b. Only II
      c. Only III
      d. Both II and III

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    Set 24

    An Inspector has discovered that 5 people were involved in the murder of Miss Batliwala. Nine suspects are short listed by him. Maina, Naina and Raina are women. Ooman, Sangha, Topaz, Unni, Vasu and Wagle are men. Through intelligent deliberation and analysis, Ghote has also made a checklist of points.

    I) There were at least two women involved in the crime.
    II) Raina will never collude with Ooman.
    III) Sangha and Topaz will always commit crimes together.
    IV) Unni and Vasu never work together.

    1. If Maina was involved in the crime and Naina is not, which statements given below are necessarily true?
      i) Either Unni or Vassu but not both are involved.
      ii) Sangha and Topaz will be involved
      a. i only
      b. ii only
      c. Both i and ii
      d. Either i or ii

    2. Greatest number of combinations are possible if which of the following are definitely involved in the crime?
      a. Sangha
      b. Vasu
      c. Raina
      d. Wagle

    3. Which of the following statements is definitely true?
      i) If only two women are involved in the crime Sangha and Topaz must be involved.
      ii) If Raina is not involved in the crime, Ooman must be involved.
      iii) If either Maina or Naina is not involved in the crime Sangha and Topaz must be involved.
      a. i only
      b. i and iii only
      c. ii only
      d. iii only

    4. If Topaz is definitely involved in the crime, in how many different ways in terms of partners could he have committed it?

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