Quant Boosters - Gaurav Sharma - Set 5

  • Let the job be of L.C.M.(15, 20, 25) = 300 units.
    The number of units completed by Aman, Baman and Chaman in a day while working alone on the job are
    20, 15 and 12 respectively.
    The number of units completed by Aman, Baman and Chaman in a day while working on the job with
    somebody else are 14, 12 and 6 respectively.
    Aman, Baman and Chaman together complete 14 + 12 + 6 = 32 units of work in a day.
    The number of units completed will be 32 + 20 + 18 + 32 = 102.
    hence 102/300 = 17/50

  • Q24) One man and six women working together can do a job in 10 days. The same job is done by two men in ‘𝑝’ days and by eight women in 𝑝+5 days. By what percentage is the efficiency of a man greater than that of a woman?
    a) 300%
    b) 500%
    c) 600%
    d) 700%

  • let : men does m units
    women does w units
    total work = 10 (m+6w)
    so, 10(m+6w) / 8w - 10(m+6w)/2m = 5
    5/4 (m/w) - 30 (w/m) = 5/2
    m/w = 6
    so m = 6w
    efficiency : (6w - w)/w * 100
    = 500 %

  • Q25) The work done by 2 men in a day is equal to the work done by 3 children in a day. The work done by 3 men in a day is equal to the work done by 5 women in a day. It takes 10 days for a man, a woman and a child to complete a job working together. How many days will 2 children working together take to complete the same job?
    a) 30
    b) 15
    c) 17
    d) 34

  • M:W:C=15:9:10
    TW=10 * 34=340
    Two children will take 340/(10 * 2) = 17

  • Q26) John and David work on alternate days with John starting on the first day. John does 12.5% of the total work on the last day and finishes the work. If John alone can do the work in 6 days then which of following can be the number of days in which David alone can do the whole work?
    (a) 24 days
    (b) 12 days
    (c) 8 days
    (d) 10 days

  • Q27) Arun is twice efficient as Bala and together they do the same work in as much time as Chitra and David together. If Chitra and David can complete the work in 20 and 30 days respectively, working alone, then in how many days A can complete the work individually?
    a. 12 days
    b. 18 days
    c. 24 days
    d. 30 days
    e. None of these

  • Q28) A group comprising some men and women can complete the work in 120 days. If a woman in the group is replaced by a man , the resulting group can complete the same work in 96 days . if two women in the original group are replaced by two men , then in how many days can the resulting group complete the work ?
    a) 88
    b) 80
    c) 72
    d) 70

  • Q29) To complete a certain job, P, working alone, takes twice as long as Q and R together take, whereas Q, working alone, takes 11 times as long as P and R together take. If all the three of them together can complete the job in four days, find the time taken by Q, working alone, to complete the job.

  • Q30) Pipe A takes 3/4 of the times required by pipe B to fill the empty tank individually. When an outlet pipe C also opened simultaneously with pipe A and pipe B it takes 3/4 more time to fill the empty tank than it takes when only pipe A and pipe B are opened together. if it takes to fill 33hrs when all the 3 pipes are opened simultaneously, then in what time pipe C can empty the full tank by operating alone.

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