DILR Sets (with Video solutions) - Shashank Prabhu, CAT 100 Percentiler - Part 2

  • Set 4

    Six players Walter White, Rick Grimes, Mike Ross, Sherlock Holmes, Barney Stinson and Sheldon Cooper participated in a tournament which had 3 rounds: Chemistry, Physics and Law. Points received by each player in a round had to be less than the maximum points for that round (see the table). A player with the least points in a round was eliminated in that round. After round 3, the sum of all points received till then for each non-eliminated players was calculated and then the one with the maximum sum was declared as the GOAT.

    Following table provides partial information about the performance of each player during the tournament.


    After the completion of the tournament following things were noticed:

    I. In each of the rounds Chemistry, Physics and Law one player got eliminated. Also, all points obtained were prime numbers.
    II. No player got less than one-third of the maximum points in any of the rounds.
    III. Points in each column as well as each row (of the table) were distinct.
    IV. The player who got the maximum points in Chemistry, got eliminated in Law.
    V. In Chemistry, Walter White got more points than Barney Stinson, who himself got more points than Rick Grimes.
    VI. The player who got eliminated in Physics had an aggregate of 24 points in Chemistry and Physics.

    1. Who got eliminated in Chemistry?
      a. Walter White
      b. Rick Grimes
      c. Sherlock Holmes
      d. Barney Stinson

    2. Who received the highest points in Chemistry?
      a. Walter White
      b. Rick Grimes
      c. Sherlock Holmes
      d. Barney Stinson

    3. Number of points received by Mike Ross in Physics was
      a. 7
      b. 13
      c. 17
      d. 19

    4. Who received the third highest points in Law?
      a. Sheldon Cooper
      b. Rick Grimes
      c. Barney Stinson
      d. Walter White

    5. Who was declared as the GOAT at the end of the tournament?
      a. Walter White
      b. Mike Ross
      c. Sherlock Holmes
      d. None of these

    Video Solution:

    1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. A
    5. D

    Set 5

    The Oceanic Six’ started an institute which trained people to face emergencies especially in case of a plane crash on mysterious islands. 360 people were shortlisted from the applicants and the trainers distributed 60 people each among themselves to evaluate further. A person could be selected for multiple courses under the same trainer. The number of people selected for each course under each trainer has been given in the table below.


    1. What could have been the maximum number of people who were selected in all the courses under any single trainer?

    2. What could have been the minimum number of people who got selected in at least two courses under Aaron Littleton?

    3. What could have been the maximum number of people who got selected in at most two courses, under Sayid Jarrah?

    4. What could have been the minimum number of people who got selected in exactly three subjects under Sun-Hwa Kwon?

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    Set 6

    Hotel Transylvania was built to accommodate all kinds of monsters and their families. To make it more attractive to his clients, Count Dracula decided to shape it in the form of a pyramid with one room at the top, two rooms on the third floor, three rooms on the second floor and four rooms on the first floor. The ground floor was where he stayed with his daughter Mavis and it was meant to be used for administrative and security purposes to not allow any human visitors. The rooms were numbered from 0 to 9. The total area of all the rooms on every floor was the same.

    Unknown to most, Mavis was preparing for CAT 2017 and for the sake of her amusement and to aid her preparation, Dracula jumbled up the room numbers and gave an elaborate puzzle to Mavis to solve. The clues she got were:

    I. The sum of the room numbers on the first floor is 28
    II. The room with the largest number on floor two is the central room on the floor
    III. The 3rd room number from the left on the first floor isn't 7
    IV. The sum of rightmost room numbers on the four floors put together is 11
    V. The rooms numbered 0 and 5 are on different floors
    VI. The number of the room at the top minus the number of leftmost room on the third floor is 4
    VII. The sum of leftmost room numbers in the four floors add up to 20

    1. Which room has the largest area?
    2. If the rightmost room on the first floor has the least area, which room number has the least area?
    3. What is the sum of the room numbers on the first floor which are not at extreme ends?
    4. Which floor has the least sum of all the room numbers present on that particular floor?

    Video Solution:

  • in set 5 1st ques
    26 is not possible as it will breach the first condition of 60 with each trainer
    so maximum should be 23 with the same trainer as otherwise total would not be 60!

    am i right ??

  • @naman-jain-0 yeah 23 s the answer

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