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  • Q29) On a particular day, five persons — Pavan, Salman, Farhan, Lokesh and Manish — went to a multiplex to watch five movies each of a different duration among 100 minutes, 125 minutes, 160 minutes, I80 minutes and 205 minutes. The show of each of the five movies began at a different time among 11:00 AM, 11:25 AM, 11:45 AM, 11:50 AM and 12:15 PM. Further, each show ended exactly after the duration of that movie and the five persons came out of the multiplex immediately after the show ended.

    It also known that

    1. No two persons came out of the multiplex at the same time
    2. Pavan, who watched 125-minute-long movie, did not come out of the multiplex before 1:20 PM.
    3. Among the five persons, the last person to come out of the multiplex was Farhan.
    4. Lokesh came out of the multiplex after 2:45 PM but he did not watch the 205 minute-long movie.
    5. Among the five persons, at least three persons came out of the multiplex before Manish did.

    Who watched the 160-minute-long movie?

  • We know from the conditions that F will come out last. Manish will last second. & P/S/L will be 1st/2nd/3rd.

    And in the questions too, there is no option of CBD so we get to know that our table will be complete. No multiple cases will be there so Now we can try filling our table with the given conditions.

    Now L came out after 2:45 and It didn't stay for 205 minutes so he could have stayed for 180 minutes. Now he is also the third one to exit so we can say that he won't be the last one to enter. Because if he was the last one to enter and he stayed for 180 minutes(which is second largest time to stay) then he should have been the 4th one to come out which is not the possibility. The max position at which he can come out is 3rd. So now we can take the time to be 11:50 and he stayed for 180 minutes so he come out at 2:50(which is just greater than 2:45)

    Now manish needs to be at 4th so set time of manish accordingly that F also comes out at last. And after a bit of checking you will see manish could have entered at 12:15 and stayed for 160 minutes and exit at 2:55. Similarly you have to proceed. Narrow down your cases and it will be done..

  • Q30) 38 fruits, apples, oranges, plums and guavas, are distributed among 4 people A, B, C and D. Each one gets a minimum of one fruits of each type and a maximum of four fruits of each type. There are 12 apples. There are two females, each of whom has the highest number of fruits. D, who has 3 plums, has 5 fruits less than the person who has the highest number of fruits. A has 4 apples and 4 plums and does not have the lowest number of fruits. B has an equal number of apples, oranges and guavas only. C has an equal number of oranges, guavas and plums only. None of the friends has exactly the same composition of all fruits as any other friend.

    1. The females together had how many more fruits than the males had together? ﴾in numerical value﴿
    2. What is the total number of plums?

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