Question Bank - CAT level Questions On Parajumbles Topic

  • OA - DBEC

  • Q41) A. From the moment he arrived there its citizens resented him and his Martians and his youth and his talent.
    B. Hollywood claimed Welles never would make the grade.
    C. At announcements that his first two productions had been called off, the town nodded knowingly.
    D. He was just a big bag of publicity.
    E. When he grew a beard for his first film, a sporty press agent sent him a bearded ham for Christmas; columnists dubbed him with nicknames like “Little Orson Annie.”

  • OA - BAECD

  • Q42) A. It is sad that India has always been in a hurry to conform to the western thought, especially the American.
    B. Even the smaller countries have the guts to take a firm contrarian stand if they feel the policies happen to compromise their country’s interest.
    C. It’s one thing to sprout theories on liberalization, and entirely another to barter the interests of the nation in it’s name.
    D. In this case too, while a large number of countries are yet to ratify the GATT, India has not only ratified the treaty, but is also preparing to amend the Patents Act.

  • OA - CABD

  • @mbatious CDBA suits better?

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