Question Bank - CAT level Questions On Parajumbles Topic

  • OA - DABC

  • Q11) (1) Even though dance starts a bit later than school does during the week, Saturday morning is still pretty chaotic around here.
    A. More so if John is leaving for an auction that day, because it means I have to truck Kristen and Alex with me and get them ready too.
    B. This is one of those mornings where John was rushing to leave too.
    C. There are buns to be done, bodysuits to find, tights to mend (because they’re always ripped somewhere) and a good breakfast to be had.
    D. His work van has been giving him some problems, so he was nervous about travelling with it (not to mention what it’s costing us to fix it).
    (6) He couldn’t find his cell and even though he had woken up in a general good mood, I could see it going downhill from there.
    (1) ACBD
    (2) ABCD
    (3) ADCB
    (4) BCDA
    (5) BDCA

  • OA - ACBD

  • Q12) (a) Researchers recently reported in 'Science' the discovery of hundreds of typical Acheulian artifacts as old as 1.51million years at Attirampakkam site near Chennai.
    (b) Stone tools used by early Homosapiens provide direct evidence of their cognitive and technological evolution.
    (c) Acheulian tools, also called the hand axes, are tear drop shaped cutting tools that followed the Oldowan tools about 1.7 million years ago.
    (d) Oldowan tools which are sharp stone flakes struck from river cobbles first appeared some 2.6 million years ago.
    (e) Despite the simplicity of production both Oldowan and Acheulian tool-making process activate different parts of the brain.
    a) eabdc
    b) ecdba
    c) bdcea
    d) bdcae

  • OA - BDCAE

  • Q13) A. An unusual candidate in every respect, Trump has long favoured Twitter and the use of his celebrity to leverage free TV coverage over traditional campaign ads.
    B. Dangerous lists the external threats to American security (the Middle East, North Korea and Islamic State but no Russia, naturally), then accuses Clinton of lacking fortitude with footage of her recent public faint and of her coughing.
    C. The latter tend to play like an intro to his benighted Celebrity Apprentice: stolid, explicit and exhausting.
    D. Having praised her as a “fighter” in Sunday’s TV debate, Trump neatly encapsulates his contradictory and very loud campaign.

  • OA - ACBD

  • Q14) A. “This face-off will continue for several months given the strong convictions on either side,” says a senior functionary of the high-powered task force on drought.
    B. During the past week-and-half, the Central Government has sought to deny some of the earlier apprehensions over the impact of drought.
    C. The recent revival of the rains had led to the emergence of a line of divide between the two.
    D. The state governments, on the other hand, allege that the Centre is downplaying the crisis only to evade its full responsibility of financial assistance that is required to alleviate the damage.
    E. Shrill alarm about the economic impact of an inadequate monsoon had been sounded by the Centre as well as most of the states, in late July and early August.
    a. EBCDA
    b. DBACE
    c. BDCAE
    d. ECBDA

  • OA - ECBDA

  • Q15) A. Luckily the tide of battle moved elsewhere after the American victory at Midway and an Australian victory over Japan at Milne Bay.
    B. It could have been no more than a delaying tactic.
    C. The Australian military, knowing the position was hopeless, planned to fall back to the southeast in the hope of defending the main cities.
    D. They had captured most of the Solomon Islands and much of New Guinea, and seemed poised for an invasion.
    E. Not many people outside Australia realize how close the Japanese got.

  • OA - EDCBA

  • Q16) A. The wall does not simply divide Israel from a putative Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 borders.
    B. A chilling omission from the road map is the gigantic ‘separation wall’ now being built in the West Bank by Israel.
    C. It is surrounded by trenches, electric wire and moats; there are watchtowers at regular intervals.
    D. It actually takes new tracts of Palestinian and, sometimes five or six kilometres at a stretch.
    E. Almost a decade after the end of South African apartheid this ghastly racist wall is going up with scarcely a peep from Israel’s American allies who are going to pay for most of it.

  • OA - BADCE

  • Q17) A. This felicity of forgetfulness lasted but half an hour.
    B. Soon the lights went out and the show started a Tamil film with all the known gods in it.
    C. He sat rapt in the vision of a heavenly world which some film director had chosen to present.
    D. Soon the heroine of the story sat on a low branch of a tree in paradise and wouldn’t move out of the place.
    E. He soon lost himself in the politics and struggles of gods and goddesses.

  • OA - BECAD

  • Q18) A. But it’s not always easy to find one with genuine value that you connect with.
    B. There are literally thousands of them written on the same topic every year.
    C. So deciphering the ‘good’ from the ‘great’ can prove to be quite a challenge.
    D. That’s because, these days, books and online articles are a dime a dozen.
    E. It’s fairly easy to find a well-written book or an online article.

  • OA - EADBC

  • Q19) A. From the moment he arrived there its citizens resented him and his Martians and his youth and his talent.
    B. Hollywood claimed Welles never would make the grade.
    C. At announcements that his first two productions had been called off, the town nodded knowingly.
    D. He was just a big bag of publicity.
    E. When he grew a beard for his first film, a sporty press agent sent him a bearded ham for Christmas; columnists dubbed him with nicknames like “Little Orson Annie.”
    a) BDAEC
    b) CBEAD
    c) EABDC
    d) BAECD

  • OA - BAECD

  • Q20) A. I stayed there for half an hour and began to go back to the house, but I could not find the house when I asked a man if he knew where my uncle’s house was and he told me that it was far from there.
    B. My cousin saw his friends and asked me to wait for him.
    C. Finally, I was lucky because I found my cousin and we came back to my uncle’s house.
    D. Next I went with my cousin to play basketball.
    E. It was a lovely summer day five years ago and I went with my mother to my uncle’s house.

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