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  • Q1) Economists differ over the causes that lead to inflationary rise in prices.
    A. Cost-Push inflation is caused by wage -push and profit push to prices.
    B. There are the quantity theorists or monetarists who attribute inflation to demand pull or excess demand.
    C. Other economists ascribe inflation to cost-push factors.
    D. According to them, inflation is the result of excessive increase in money supply in the face of an elastic supply of goods and services.
    The basic cause of wage-push inflation is the rise in money wages more rapidly than the productivity of labour.
    (1) ABCD
    (2) BDAC
    (3) CBAD
    (4) BDCA

  • Q2) A. Engineers have been using various types of dampers to minimise such oscillations.
    B. It is said that the lateral displacement at the terrace level of a 100 metre tall building can be even one metre during storms.
    C. Tall buildings and bridges have been reported to oscillate due to the effect of heavy wind and earthquake.
    D. In the case of tall buildings whose height is more pronounced than few hundred metres, the oscillation due to wind is more pronounced

  • OA - CADB

  • Q3) A) Today, nothing on the turbulent horizon of the western world equals that war.
    B ) It is turbulent all the same.
    C) The concert of empires that had averted general continental violence also inured populations to the reality of it.
    D) There is a similar feeling of a liberal order besieged and, dare we say, a similar sense of innocents volunteering for trouble without really knowing it.
    E) They went to war in a jingoist stupor because they lacked the recent experience to know better.

  • OA - CEABD

  • Q4) The opening line of a paragraph is given. From the alternatives, choose the one that rearranges the statements numbered A, B, C and D such that they form a coherent paragraph and follow the opening line.
    An established business which is able and willing to invest in its development into mail order trading will usually engage the services of a suitable advertising agency.
    A. Unfortunately, however, too often the newcomer is left to his own creative devices, which are likely to be few and underdeveloped.
    B. But should a suitable agency be persuaded to accept the account, life should be much easier for the new business.
    C. But an individual beginner with limited financial resources will be extremely fortunate to find such an agency.
    D. There are few agencies with the real depth of experience in the mail order field and even fewer that will be prepared to invest their time and money in nursing a beginner without the inducement of a substantial fee.
    a. DCBA
    b. CDBA
    c. CADB
    d. ACDB

  • OA - CDBA

  • Q5) (1) The problem of improving Indian agriculture is both a sociological and an administrative one.
    A. It also appears that there is a direct relationship between the size of a state and development.
    B. The issues of Indian development, and the problems of India’s agricultural sector, will remain with us long into the next century.
    C. Without improving Indian agriculture, no liberalisation and delicensing will be able to help India.
    D. At the end of the day, there has to be a ferment and movement of life and action in the vast segment of rural India.
    (6) When it starts marching, India will fly.
    a) DABC
    b) CDBA
    c) ACDB
    d) ABCD

  • OA - BDCA

  • OA - ABCD

  • Q6) (1) Buddhism is a way to salvation.
    A. But Buddhism is more severely analytical.
    B. In the Christian tradition there is also a concern for the fate of human society conceived as a whole, rather than merely as a sum or network of individuals.
    C. Salvation is a property, or achievement of individuals.
    D. Not only does it dissolve society into individuals, the individual in turn is dissolved into component parts and instants, a steam of events.
    (6) In modern terminology, Buddhist doctrine is reductionist.
    a) ABCD
    b) CBAD
    c) BDAC
    d) ABCD

  • OA - CBAD

  • Q7) A. So is the enigmatic chemical known in human medicine as vitamin D.
    B. Some synthetic, or anabolic, steroids can be manufactured to trick the body into suppressing inflammation, while others can be used for building athletes’ muscles.
    C. The hormone that triggers the shedding of an insect’s skin is a steroid.
    D. Steroids have been used by living creatures for so long that they probably pre-date the split between plants, animals and fungi.
    E. Yet other steroids, derived originally from plants, can mimic human hormones sufficiently well to be used as oral contraceptives.
    (1) BEACD
    (2) BDACE
    (3) BDEAC
    (4) DCABE

  • OA - DCABE

  • Q8) A. India, however, is in the unusual situation of having two different charges.
    B. Most countries levy a charge on private players for fulfilling universal service obligations and this comes in the shape of a universal service obligation.
    C. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India justifies this by arguing that the access deficit charge is primarily to defray the losses incurred on the BSNL's legacy operations.
    D. India too has a Universal Service Fund to facilitate rural telephony.
    E. The USF sets 5 per cent of the revenue of the private players, which goes to the public sector networks

  • OA - BDEAC

  • Q9) (1) Long term energy and resource security are increasingly becoming the focus of political and economic debate worldwide.
    (A) Over the past two years growing demand for energy resources combined with a decrease in production in the U.S. and Europe, have led to significant price rise for fossil fuels.
    (B) Industrialized and developing countries are looking for new ways to ensure long term supply security for their energy and resource intensive economies. At the same time, many newly industrializing and developing countries are already suffering dramatic shortages in supply.
    (C) The debate on alternative ways to cover energy demand has thus become increasingly significant.
    (D) These trends will worsen: according to estimates by the International Energy Agency, energy demand in newly industrializing and developing countries will double by 2020.

  • OA - BDAC

  • Q10) (1) Education is a concurrent subject under the constitution and both the center and the state governments need to address this issue together and seriously.
    (A) There has been a gradual shift from content based to problem-solving and competence-based testing in the examinations. But this has to be speeded up and the focus turned away entirely from rote learning.
    (B) Apart from looking at the system and the curriculum, the authorities must review the teaching methods and facilitate teachers to adapt themselves to the changing environment.
    (C) School education’s goals of preparing students for life outside the classroom, laying the foundation for higher studies and equipping them for the job market must not be lost sight of.
    (D) Compared to the attention paid to higher education, particularly professional courses, not much has been done for reforming school education, despite making education compulsory and free up to the age of 14.

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