CAT EXAM 2017 - Tips and Tricks to Solve Reading comprehension Passage

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    To begin with, it is a well known fact to all of us that IIM CAT exam (Indian Institute of Management Common Admission Test) is one of the most competitive exams in the country. Aspirants who prepare for this exam are in a constant quest for solving the reading comprehension passage in the best possible manner. Here we bring you certain tips and tricks which could be employed ideally to make the most out of your endeavours:

    Preparation Tips:  To do list

    The below checklist are mere signposts showing things that you ought to do. Without doing the same, there would be a void gap left in your preparations

    1. Try working with a minimum 2 to 3 Reading Comprehension exercises a day.
    2. Read articles written by eminent authors for at least half an hour on a daily basis.  To do this, make use of your free leisure time during the day or night.
    3. Work with the reading comprehensions in past question papers. This would provide you the right foundation to go ahead in preparations.
    4. Challenge yourself to complete certain comprehension exercises within a stipulated timeframe.

    Tricks to use while attempting Reading Comprehension

    1. Note the important points in your memory while solving comprehensions: This would mean that if you wish to excel in this area, practice noticing the key points in mind while you read ahead through the passage.
    2. Read between the crucial lines:  While going through the passage, you would have realised one thing in particular viz. the author dropping crucial hints here and there on the topic discussed which might be the crux of the issue. The author might have mentioned about a topic from the CAT syllabus for instance. Hence be wary while reading such lines as knowing this would take you way ahead of your fellow competitors.
    3. Try eliminating the options: The usual trend in exams shows students trying to find the right answer from the list of given choices. To save precious time, you could eliminate the unwanted choices. For instance, find the wrong choices from the list of 4 options. Thus, your accuracy would improve to a considerable extent.
    4. Find the author’s purpose:  While attempting reading comprehension, question yourself about what the author wants to convey through the article. Once you get to know the inner meaning, the rest would be much easier to cover.
      From the above discussion, it is evident that reading comprehension is a challenge for students, which could be tackled with the right information like valuable tips and tricks in hand at your disposal.

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