If you survived the first term at IIM Ahmedabad, you can survive almost anything - Deepak Mehta

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    Deepak Mehta is a man out of time. He wanted to be born a few decades earlier, before the advent of the computer, when times were simpler and people were more content. Unfortunately, he wasn't. So, to compete in today's time, he has equipped himself with 2 degrees - one each from BITS Pilani and IIM Ahmedabad. He cracked CAT with a 100 percentile score. In his spare time, he likes to write on random website on random topics and for random people.

    The reason the 1st year at IIMA is so hectic and stressful is that it is intentionally designed to be so.

    It's supposed to be a simulation of sorts for the worst-case scenario you can face in corporate life later on. Yes, 90% of your days will be average. Some will be extremely easygoing. But there will be some 5-10% days that will test everything you have got - patience, potential, steadfastness etc.


    We have had Raghuram Rajan, the RBI governor, say the same in his convocation address:

    "If you survived the first term at Ahmedabad, you can survive almost anything."

    (Full speech: Convocation Address at the Indian Institute of Management by Raghuram Rajan, Economic Counselor and Director of Research, IMF)

    Sanjeev Bhikchandani, founder of Naukri echoed similar sentiment.

    "Batchmates who subsequently went overseas and did a second MBA and others who did their PhD and are now teaching at business schools overseas tell me that nothing that they experienced or witnessed elsewhere compared with the intensity of competition, the work load, the effort and the sheer terror of the first term at IIM-A. IIM-A alumni brag: if you can survive the first term you can survive most things in life."

    (Full article: After IIM-A's first term, you can survive anything)

    The same is told to the incoming batches by their seniors. And it is true.

    Whenever the administration feels that students are getting a little cozy in the 1st year, they usually try a seasoned, tried-and-tested formula.

    "You have been relaxing for 1 week now. Here, have these 4 huge assignments for tomorrow. No need to sleep tonight?"
    "What? You didn't get to sleep last night and just attended 3 classes? Too bad, there's a surprise test in 30 mins."
    "How was the test? Not good? No worries, we have a major Consulting company visiting today for their campus presentation. Be there if you want to secure your dream job"
    "We hope the presentation was useful. Now quick, do this market survey and gather 300 responses and prepare a 50-page report. The report carries 40% weightage for the subject. We are sure you can pull out a second, consecutive all-nighter"

    When it happened the first time, my thoughts were, "How do these people think they can teach "management" to students if they can't even manage their activities properly? Yesterday was completely free and now suddenly every deadline is tomorrow. Why can't they spread it over the next week?"

    And then it dawned on me, "THIS WAS ALL INTENTIONAL!"

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