Critical Reasoning Previous Year Questions (CAT) - Set 0013

  • Question 6

    I have been studying it, consciously and subconsciously, for 40 years and I still find men unaccountable; people I know intimately can surprise me by some action of theirs which I never thought them capable of or by the discovery of some trait which exhibit a side of themselves that I never even suspected.

    The idea in this sentence can be best summarised as

    a. men are inconsistent and therefore one should not be confident even about one's closest friends.
    b. men are unpredictable, one can never tell what they will do next; hence, one should be very careful in one's dealings.
    c. no matter how closely you know somebody there still exists an unknown facet of his personality.
    d. None of these     (CAT 1995)

  • Answer: Option C

  • Question 7

    Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.

    1. Some bubbles are not dubbles

    2. Some dubbles are not bubbles

    3. Noone who is rubbles is dubbles

    4. All dubbles are rubbles

    5. Some dubbles are bubbles

    6. Some who are rubbles are not bubbles

    a. 136

    b. 456

    c. 123

    d. 246   (CAT 1995)

  • Answer: Option D

  • Question 8

    choose the set in which the statements are logically related

    1. Some men are bad

    2. All men are sad

    3. All bad things are men

    4. All bad things are sad

    5. Some sad things are men

    6. Some sad things are bad

    a. 165

    b. 236

    c. 241

    d. 235   (CAT 1995)

  • Answer: Option B

  • Question 9

    Choose that set in which the statements are logically related

    1. All Toms are bright

    2. No bright Toms are Dicks

    3. Some Toms are Dicks

    4. Some Dicks are bright

    5. No Tom is a Dick

    6. No Dick is a Tom

    a. 123

    b. 256

    c. 126

    d. 341   (CAT 1995)

  • Answer: Option C

  • Question 10

    1. All witches are nasty

    2. Some devils are nasty

    3. All witches are devils

    4. All devils are nasty

    5. Some nasty are devils

    6. No witch is nasty

    a. 234

    b. 341

    c. 453

    d. 653   (CAT 1995)

  • Answer: Option B

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