Vocabulary previous years questions (CAT) - Set 0001

  • Answer: Option 3.

  • Question 6

    Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

    As navigators, calendar makers, and other _________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary, ancient astronomers were forced to _________ that certain bodies might move in circles about points, which in turn moved in circles about the earth.

    (1) scrutinizers; believe

    (2) observers; agree

    (3) scrutinizers; suggest

    (4) observers; concede

    (5) students; conclude  

    (CAT 2008 )

  • Answer: Option 2

  • Question 7

    Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

    Every human being, after the first few days of his life, is a product of two factors: on the one hand, there is his _________ endowment; and on the other hand, there is the effect of environment, including ______

    (1) constitutional; weather

    (2) congenital; education

    (3) personal; climate

    (4) economic; learning

    (5) genetic; pedagogy        

    (CAT 2008 )

  • Answer: Option 2

  • Question 8

    Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

    Exhaustion of natural resources, destruction of individual initiative by governments, control over men‟s minds by central __________ of education and propaganda are some of the major evils which appear to be on the increase as a result of the impact of science upon minds suited by _________ to an earlier kind of world.

    (1) tenets; fixation

    (2) aspects; inhibitions

    (3) institutions; inhibitions

    (4) organs; tradition

    (5) departments; repulsion          

    (CAT 2008 )

  • Answer: Option 1

  • Question 9

    The cricket council that was[A]/were[B] elected last March is[A]/are[B] at sixes and sevens over new rules.

    The critics censored[A]/censured[B] the new movie because of its social inaccessibility.

    Amit’s explanation for missing the meeting was credulous[A]/credible[B].

    She coughed discreetly[A]/discretely[B] to announce her presence.  

    1) BBAAA

    2) AAABA

    3) BBBBA

    4) AABBA

    5) BBBAA   

    (CAT 2007)

  • Answer: Option 4

  • Question 10

    The further[A]/farther[B] he pushed himself, the more disillusioned he grew.

    For the crowds it was more of a historical[A]/historic[B] event; for their leader, it was just another day.

    The old man has a healthy distrust[A]/mistrust[B] for all new technology.

    This film is based on a real[A]/true [B] story.

    One suspects that the compliment[A]/complement[B] was backhanded.

    1) BABAB

    2) ABBBA

    3) BAABA

    4) BBAAB

    5) ABABA  

    (CAT 2007)

  • Answer: Option 5

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