Logical Reasoning previous years questions (CAT) - Set 0014

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    Previous years`s CAT questions: Logical Reasoning

    Post your solutions as reply to respective questions below.

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    Question 1

    A leading socialite decided to organize a dinner and invited a few of her friends. Only the host and the hostess were sitting at the opposite ends of a rectangular table, with three persons along each side. The pre-requisite for the seating arrangement was that each person must be seated such that atleast on one side it has a person of opposite sex. Maqbool is opposite Shobha, who is not the hostess. Ratan has a woman on his right and is sitting opposite a woman. Monisha is sitting to the hostess’s right , next to Dhirubhai. One person is seated between Madhuri and Urmila who is not the hostess. The men were Maqbool, Ratan, Dhirubhai and Jackie, while the women were Madhuri, Urmila, Shobha and Monisha.

    1. The eighth person present, Jackie, must be

    I. the host
    II. Seated to Shobha’s right
    III. Seated opposite Urmila
    (a) I only
    (b) III only
    (c) I and II only
    (d) II and III only

    2. Which of the following persons is definitely not seated next to a person of the same sex?

    (a) Maqbool
    (b) Madhuri
    (c) Jackie
    (d) Shobha

    3. If Ratan would have exchanged seats with a person four places to his left, which of the following would have been true after the exchange?

    I. No one was seated between two persons of the opposite sex. (e.g. no man was seated between two women)
    II. One side of the table consisted entirely of persons of the same sex.
    III. Either the host or the hostess changed seats.
    (a) I only
    (b) II only
    (c) I and II only
    (d) II and III only

    4. If each person is placed directly opposite her spouse, which of the following pairs must be married?

    (a) Ratan and Monisha
    (b) Madhuri and Dhirubhai
    (c) Urmila and Jackie
    (d) Ratan and Madhuri                    ( CAT 1994 )

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    Answer: Option C Option D Option A Option A

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    Question 2

    Five of India’s leading models are posing for a photograph promoting “y’know, world peace and understanding”. But then, Rakesh Shreshtha the photographer is having a tough time getting them to stand in a straight line, because Aishwarya refuses to stand next to Sushmita because Sushmita had said something about her in a leading gossip magazine. Rachel and Anu want to stand together because they are “such good friends, y’know”. Manpreet on the other hand cannot get along well with Rachel, because there is some talk about Rachel scheming to get a contract already awarded to Manpreet. Anu believes her friendly astrologer who has asked her to stand at the extreme right for all group photographs. Finally, Rakesh managed to pacify the girls and got a beautiful picture of five beautiful girls smiling beautifully in a beautiful straight line, promoting world peace.

    1. If Aishwarya is standing to the extreme left, which is the girl standing in the middle?

    (a) Manpreet
    (b) Sushmita
    (c) Rachel
    (d) Cannot say

    2. If Aishwarya stands to the extreme left, which is the girl who stands second from left?

    (a) Cannot say
    (b) Sushmita
    (c) Rachel
    (d) Manpreet

    3. If Anu’s astrologer tells her to stand second from left and Aishwarya decides to stand second from right, then who is the girl standing on the extreme right?

    (a) Rachel
    (b) Sushmita
    (c) Cannot say
    (d) Manpreet
                        ( CAT 1994 )

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    Answer: Option B Option D Option D

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    Question 3

    A, B, C, D, E, F and G are brothers. Two brothers had an argument and A said to B “You are as old as C was when I was twice as old as D, and will be as old as E was when he was as old as C is now”. B said to A “ You may be older than F but G is as old as I was when you were as old as G is, and D will be as old as F was when F will be as old as G is”.

    1. Who is the eldest brother?

    (a) A
    (b) E
    (c) C
    (d) Cannot be determined

    2. Who is the youngest brother?

    (a) B
    (b) D
    (c) F
    (d) Cannot be determined

    3. Which two are probably twins?

    (a) D and G
    (b) E and C
    (c) A and B
    (d) Cannot be determined

    4. Which of the following is false?

    (a) G has 4 elder brothers.
    (b) A is older than G but younger than E.
    (c) B has three elder brothers.
    (d) There is a pair of twins among the brothers.
            (CAT 1994)

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    Answer: Option B Option B Option C Option C

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    Question 4

    The primitive tribes – folk of the island of Lexicophobos have recently developed a language for themselves. Which has a very limited vocabulary. In fact, the words can be classified into only three types : the Bingoes, the Cingoes and the Dingoes.

    The Bingoes type of words are : Grumbs, Harrumphs, Ihavitoo
    The Cingoes type of words are : Ihavitoo, Jingongo, Koolodo
    The Dingoes type of words are : Lovitoo, Metoo, Nana

    They have also devised some rules of grammar:
    Every sentence must have only five words.
    Every sentence must have two Bingoes, one Cingo and two Dingoes.
    If Grumbs is used in a sentence, Ihavitoo must also be used and vice versa.
    Koolodo can be used in a sentence only if Lovitoo is used.

    1. Which choice of words in a sentence is not possible, if no rules of grammar are to be violated?

    (a) Grumbs and Harrumphs as the Bingoes and Ihavitoo as the Cingo.
    (b) Harrumphs and Ihavitoo as the Bingoes.
    (c) Grumbs and Ihavitoo as the Bingoes and Lovitoo and Nana as the Dingoes.
    (d) Metoo and Nana as the Dingoes.

    2. If Grumbs and Harrumphs are the Bingoes in a sentence, and no rule of grammar is violated, which of the following is/are true?
    I. Ihavitoo is the Cingo.
    II. Lovitoo is the Dingo.
    III. Either Lovitoo or Metoo must be one of – or both – the Dingoes.

    (a) I only
    (b) II only
    (c) III only
    (d) I & III only

    3. Which of the following is a possible sentence if no grammar rule is violated?

    (a) Grumbs harrumphs ihavitoo lovitoo metoo.
    (b) Grumbs harrumphs ihavitoo jingongo lovitoo.
    (c) Harrumphs ihavitoo jingongo lovitoo metoo.
    (d) Grumbs ihavitoo koolodo metoo nana.

    4. If in a sentence Grumps is the Bingo and no rule of grammar is violated, which of the following cannot be true?

    (a) Harrumphs must be a Bingo.
    (b) Ihavitoo must be a Bingo.
    (c) Lovitoo may be used.
    (d) All three Bingoes are used.
         (CAT 1994)

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    Answer: Option B Option D Option A Option B

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    Question 5

    Bankatlal works x hours a day and rests y hours a day. This pattern continues for 1 week, with an exactly opposite pattern next week, and so on for four weeks. Every fifth week he has a different pattern. When he works longer than he rests, his wage per hour is twice what he earns per hour when he rests longer than he works. The following are his daily working hours for the weeks numbered 1 to 13.

    A week consists of six days and a month consists of 4 weeks.

    1. If Bankatlal is paid Rs. 20 per working hour in the 1st week. What is his salary for the 1st month?

    (a) Rs.1760
    (b) Rs.1440
    (c) Rs.1320
    (d) Rs.1680

    2. Referring to the data given in Q.187, Bankatlal’s average monthly salary at the end of the first four months will be

    (a) Rs.1780
    (b) Rs.2040
    (c) Rs.1830
    (d) Rs.1680

    3. The new manager Khushaldas stipulated that Rs.5 be deducted for every hour of rest and Rs. 25 be paid per hour starting 9th week, then what will be the change in Bankatlal’s salary for the 3rd month? (Hourly deductions are constant for all weeks starting 9th week)

    (a) Rs.540
    (b) Rs.480
    (c) Rs.240
    (d) Rs.120

    4. Using the data in the previous questions, what will be the total earning of Bankatlal at the end of sixteen weeks.

    (a) Rs.7320
    (b) Rs.7800
    (c) Rs.8400
    (d) Rs.9600
                              (CAT 1994)

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    Answer: Option B Option C Option D Option D

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