Logical Reasoning previous years questions (CAT) - Set 0012

  • Previous years`s CAT questions: Logical Reasoning

    Post your solutions as reply to respective questions below.

  • Question 1

    Answer the questions based on the following information.

    Seven university cricket players are to be honoured at a special luncheon. The players will be seated on the dais along one side of a single rectangular table.
    I. A and G have to leave the luncheon early and must be seated at the extreme right end of the table, which is closest to the exit.
    II. B will receive the Man of the Match Award and must be in the centre chair.
    III. C and D who are bitter rivals for the position of wicketkeeper, dislike one another and should be seated as far apart as possible.
    IV. E and F are best friends and want to sit together.

    1. Which of the following may not be seated at either end of the table?

    a. C

    b. D

    c. G

    d. F

    2. Which of the following pairs may not be seated together?

    a. E and A

    b. B and D

    c. C and F

    d. G and D          (CAT 1999)

  • Answer: 1. Option D 2. Option A

  • Question 2

    Recently, Ghosh Babu spent his winter vacation on Kyakya Island. During the vacation, he visited the local casino where he came across a new card game. Two players, using a normal deck of 52 playing cards, play this game. One player is called the ‘dealer’ and the other is called the ‘player’. First, the player picks a card at random from the deck. This is called the base card. The amount in rupees equal to the face value of the base card is called the base amount. The face values of ace, king, queen and jack are ten. For other cards the face value is the number on the card. Once the ‘player’ picks a card from the deck, the ‘dealer’ pays him the base amount. Then the ‘dealer’ picks a card from the deck and this card is called the top card. If the top card is of the same suit as the base card, the ‘player’ pays twice the base amount to the ‘dealer’. If the top card is of the same colour as the base card (but not the same suit), then the ‘player’ pays the base amount to the ‘dealer’. If the top card happens to be of a different colour than the base card, the ‘dealer’ pays the base amount to the ‘player’.

    Ghosh Babu played the game four times. First time he picked eight of clubs and the ‘dealer’ picked queen of clubs. Second time, he picked ten of hearts and the ‘dealer’ picked two of spades. Next time, Ghosh Babu picked six of diamonds and the ‘dealer’ picked ace of hearts. Lastly, he picked eight of spades and the ‘dealer’ picked jack of spades. Answer the following questions based on these four games.

    1. If Ghosh Babu stopped playing the game when his gain would be maximized, the gain in Rs. would have been

    a. 12

    b. 20

    c. 16

    d. 4

    2. The initial money Ghosh Babu had (before the beginning of the game sessions) was Rs. X. At no point did he have to borrow any money. What is the minimum possible value of X?

    a. 16

    b. 8

    c. 100

    d. 24

    3. If the final amount of money that Ghosh Babu had with him was Rs. 100, what was the initial amount he had with him?

    a. 120

    b. 8

    c. 4

    d. 96      (CAT 1999)

  • Answer: 1. Option A 2. Option B 3. Option D

  • Question 3

    Choose the set in which the third statement is a logical conclusion of the first two.

    A. Some Xs are Ps. Some Ps are Ys. Some Xs are Ys.
    B. All Sonas are bright. Some bright are crazy. Some Sonas are crazy.
    C. No faith is strong. Only strong have biceps. No faith has biceps.
    D. All men are weak. Some weak are strong. Some strong are weak.

    a. A and D

    b. C only

    c. D only

    d. None of these            (CAT 1998 )

  • Answer: Option B

  • Question 4

    Choose the set in which the third statement is a logical conclusion of the first two.

    A. Some icicles are cycles. All cycles are men. Some icicles are men.
    B. All girls are teeth. No teeth is yellow. No girls are yellow.
    C. No hand is foot. Some foot are heads. Some hands are heads.
    D. Every man has a wife. All wives are devoted. No devoted has a husband.

    a. A, B and C

    b. A and B

    c. C and B

    d. A, B and C and D          (CAT 1999)

  • Answer: Option B

  • Question 5

    Choose the set in which the third statement is a logical conclusion of the first two.

    A. No sun is not white. All moon is sun. All moon is white.
    B. All windows are open. No open space is allocated. All window is closed space.
    C. No German can fire. All Americans bombard. Both, Germans and Americans can fight.
    D. No X is Z. No Z is Y. No X is Y.

    a. A only

    b. B only

    c. C only

    d. D only              (CAT 1999)

  • Answer: Option A

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