Logical Reasoning previous years questions (CAT) - Set 0007

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    Previous years`s CAT questions: Logical Reasoning

    Post your solutions as reply to respective questions below.

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    Question 1

    Seventy percent of the employees in a multinational corporation have VCD players, 75 percent have microwave ovens, 80 percent have ACs and 85 percent have washing machines. At least what percentage of employees has all four gadgets?

    a. 15

    b. 5

    c. 10

    d. Cannot be determined   (CAT 2003)

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    Question 2

    Shown below is the layout of major streets in a city.


    Two days (Thursday and Friday) are left for campaigning before a major election, and the city administration has received requests from five political parties for taking out their processions along the following routes

    Congress: A–C–D–E

    BJP: A–B–D–E

    SP: A–B–C–E

    BSP: B–C–E

    CPM: A–C–D

    Street B-D cannot be used for a political procession on Thursday due to a religious procession. The district administration has a policy of not allowing more than one procession to pass along the same street on the same day. However, the administration must allow all parties to take out their processions during these two days.    

    1) Congress procession can be allowed

    a. Only on Thursday

    b. Only on Friday.

    c. On either day.

    d. Only if the religious procession is cancelled.    

    2) Which of the following is NOT true?

    a. Congress and SP can take out their processions on the same day.

    b. The CPM procession cannot be allowed on Thursday.

    c. The BJP procession can only take place on Friday.

    d. Congress and BSP can take out their processions on the same day.     (CAT 2003)          

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    Question 3


    The Dean’s office recently scanned student results into the central computer system. When their character reading software cannot read something, it leaves that space blank. The scanner output reads as follows: In the grading system, A, B, C, D, and F grades fetch 6, 4, 3, 2, and 0 grade points respectively. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the arithmetic mean of the grade points obtained in the five subjects.

    For exmp1e Nisha’s GPA is (6 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 0)/5 = 3.6. Some additional facts are

    (a)Vipu obtained the same grade in Marketing as Aparna obtained in Finance and Strategy.

    (b) Fazal obtained the same grade in Strategy as Utkarsh did in Marketing.

    (c) Tara received the same grade in exactly three courses 

    1) What grade did P… obtain in Statistics?

    a. A    b. B    c. C     d. D         

    2)  In Operations, T… could have received the same grade as

    a. I…      b. H…     c. J…     d. M…             

    3) What grade did U obtain in Finance?

    a. B       b. C        c. D         d. F         

    4) In Strategy, G…’s grade point was higher than that obtained by

    a. F…      b. H…       c. N…         d. R…           (CAT 2004)

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    Question 4

    Prof. Singh has been tracking the number of visitors to his homepage. His service provider has provided him with the following data on the country of origin of the visitors and the university they belong to:    

    1) To which country does University 5 belong?

    a. India or Netherlands but not USA

    b. India or USA but not Netherlands

    c. Netherlands or USA but not India

    d. India or USA but not UK            

    2) University 1 can belong to

    a. UK        b. Canada                c. Netherlands         d. USA             

    3) Visitors from how many universities from UK visited Prof. Singh’s homepage in the three days?

    a. 1         b. 2          c. 3          d. 4         

    4) Which among the listed countries can possibly host three of the eight listed universities?

    a. None       b. Only UK       c. Only India       d. Both India and UK         (CAT 2004)     

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    Question 5

    A study was conducted to ascertain the relative importance lat employees in five different countries assigned to five different traits in their Chief Executive Officers. The traits were compassion (C), decisiveness (D), negotiation skills (N), public visibility (P), and vision (V). The level of dissimilarity between two countries is the maximum difference in the ranks allotted by the two countries to any of the five traits. The following table indicates the rank order of the five traits for each country.    

    1) Which of the following countries is least dissimilar to India?

    a. China          b. Japan           c. Malaysia               d. Thailand     

    2) Which amongst the following countries is most dissimilar to India?

    a. China          b. Japan          c. Malaysia              d. Thailand             

    3) Which of the following pairs of countries are most dissimilar?

    a. China & Japan   b. India & China    c. Malaysia & Japan     d. Thailand & Japan               

    4) Three of the following four pairs of countries have identical levels of dissimilarity. Which pair is the odd one out?

    a. Malaysia & China  b. China & Thailand     c. Thailand & Japan   d. Japan & Malaysia    

    (CAT 2004)   

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