Logical Reasoning previous years questions (CAT) - Set 0003

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    Previous years`s CAT questions: Logical Reasoning

    Post your solutions as reply to respective questions below.

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    Question 1

    A King has unflinching loyalty from eight of his ministers M1 to M8, but he has to select only four to make a cabinet committee. He decides to choose these four such that each selected person shares a liking with at least one of the other three selected. The selected persons must also hate at least one of the likings of any of the other three persons selected. M1 likes fishing and smoking, but hates gambling. M2 likes smoking and drinking, but hates fishing. M3 likes gambling, but hates smoking. M4 likes mountaineering, but hates drinking. M5 likes drinking, but hates smoking and mountaineering. M6 likes fishing, but hates smoking and mountaineering. M7 likes gambling and mountaineering, but hates fishing, and M8 likes smoking and gambling, but hates mountaineering. Who are the four people selected by the king?

    (a) M1, M2, M5, M6

    (b) M3, M4, M5, M6

    (c) M4, M5, M6, M8

    (d) M1, M2, M4, M7              

    (CAT 2001)

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    Question 2

    In a “keep-fit” gymnasium class there are fifteen females enrolled in a weight-loss program. They all have been grouped in any one of the five weight-groups W1, W2, W3, W4, or W5. One instructor is assigned to one weight-group only. Sonali, Shalini, Shubhra, and Shahira belong to the same weight-group. Sonali and Rupa are in one weight-group, Rupali and Renuka are also in one weight-group. Rupa, Radha, Renuka, Ruchika, and Ritu belong to different weight-groups. Somya cannot be with Ritu, and Tara cannot be with Radha. Komal cannot be with Radha, Somya, or Ritu. Shahira is in W1 and Somya is in W4 with Ruchika. Sweta and Jyotika cannot be with Rupali, but are in a weight-group with total membership of four. No weight-group can have more than five or less than one member. Amita, Babita, Chandrika, Deepika, and Elina are instructors of weightgroups with membership sizes 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, respectively. Who is the instructor of Radha?

    (a) Babita

    (b) Elina

    (c) Chandrika

    (d) Deepika      (CAT 2001)

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    Question 3

    A group of three or four has to be selected from seven persons. Among the seven are two women, Fiza and Kavita, and five men: Ram, Shyam, David, Peter and Rahim. Ram would not like to be in the group if Shyam is also selected. Shyam and Rahim want to be selected together in the group. Kavita would like to be in the group only if David is also there. David, if selected, would not like Peter in the group. Ram would like to be in the group only if Peter is also there. David insists that Fiza be selected in case he is there in the group. 

    a) Which of the following statements is true?

    (a) Kavita and Ram can be part of a group of four.

    (b) A group of four can have two women.

    (c) A group of four can have all four men.

    (d) None of the above.   

    b) Which of the following is a feasible group of four?

    (a) Ram, Peter, Fiza, Rahim

    (b) Shyam, Rahim, Kavita, David

    (c) Shyam, Rahim, Fiza, David

    (d) Fiza, David, Ram, Peter

    c) Which of the following is a feasible group of three?

    (a) David, Ram, Rahim

    (b) Peter, Shyam, Rahim

    (c) Kavita, David, Shyam

    (d) Fiza, David, Ram           (CAT 2001)

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    Question 4

    Elle is three times older than Yogesh

    Zaheer is half the age of Wahida

    Yogesh is older than Zaheer.  

    1) Which of the following information will be sufficient to estimate Elle’s age?

    (a) Zaheer is 10 years old.

    (b) Both Yogesh and Wahida are older than Zaheer by the same number of years.

    (c) Both (a) and (b) above.

    (d) None of the above.   

    2) Which of the following can be inferred?

    (a) Yogesh is older than Wahida.

    (b) Elle is older than Wahida.

    (c) Elle may be younger than Wahida.

    (d) None of the above.   (CAT 2001)

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    Question 5

    At a village mela, the following six nautankis (plays) are schedule as shown in the table below:

    Nautanki                       Duration                                     Show times

    1. Sati Savitri                1 hour                                9.00 am and 2.00 pm

    2. Joru ka Gulam           1 hour                               10.30 am and 11.30 am

    3. Sunder Kand              30 minutes                       10.00 am and 11.00 am

    4. Veer Abhimanyu        1 hour                               10.00 am and 11.00 am

    5. Reshma aur Shera     1 hour                               9.30 am, 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm

    6. Jhansi ki Rani            30 minutes                       11.00 am and 1.30 pm

    You wish to see all the six nautankis. Further you wish to ensure that you get a lunch break from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

    Which of the following ways can you do this?   

    (a) Sati-Savitri is viewed first; Sunder Kand is viewed third and Jhansi ki Rani is viewed last.

    (b) Sati-Savitri is viewed last; Sunder Kand is viewed third and Jhansi ki Rani is viewed last.

    (c) Sati-Savitri is viewed first; Sunder Kand is viewed third and Joru ka Gulam is viewed fourth.

    (d) Veer Abhimanyu is viewed third; Reshma aur Shera is viewed fourth and Jhansi ki Rani is viewed fifth.

    (CAT 2001)

  • @mbatious (d) table drawing would suffice as it is clear and option d would

  • @mbatious c option is appropriate here.

  • @mbatious whats the answer?

  • The instructor for radha is elina
    option b?

  • @mbatious Answer is B Elina

  • @mbatious the possible group of 4 includes David, Kavita, Shyam and Rahim while the rest, i.e., Peter, Ram and Fiza goes in group of 3 members. Hence, the answer goes:
    a) b
    b) b
    c) c

  • @mbatious W1 of 5 members: Sonali, Shalini, Shubhra, Shahira and Rupa.. instructor A
    W2 of 3 members: Rupali, Renuka, Komal.. instructor C
    W3 of 1 member: Radha.. instructor E
    W4 of 4 members: Ruchika, Somya, Swetha, Jyothika.. instructor B
    W5 of 2 members: Ritu, Tara.. instructor D
    Hence, answer is Elina.

  • @mbatious answer is D. Make table and go through options

  • @mbatious answer to 1 is c but for 2 it is either a or b.. not sure

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