Logical Reasoning previous years questions (CAT) - Set 0001

  • Previous years`s CAT questions: Logical Reasoning

    Post your solutions as reply to respective questions below.

  • Question 1

    Persons X, Y, Z and Q live in red, green, yellow or blue colored houses placed in a sequence on a street. Z lives in a yellow house. The green house is adjacent to the blue house. X does not live adjacent to Z. The yellow house is in between the green and red houses. The color of the house X lives in is:

    a. blue

    b. green

    c. red

    d. not possible to determine   

    (CAT 2000)

  • Answer: Option A

  • Question 2

    My bag can carry no more than ten books; I must carry at least one book each of management, mathematics, physics and fiction. Also, for every management book I carry I must carry two or more fiction books, and for every mathematics book I carry I must carry two or more physics books. I earn 4, 3, 2 and 1 points for each management, mathematics, physics and fiction book, respectively, I carry in my bag. I want to maximize the points I can earn by carrying the most appropriate combination of books in my bag. The maximum points that I can earn are:

    a. 20

    b. 21

    c. 22

    d. 23       

    (CAT 2000)

  • Answer: Option C

  • Question 3

    There are ten animals — two each of lions, panthers, bison, bears, and deer — in a zoo. The enclosures in the zoo are named X, Y, Z, P and Q and each enclosure is allotted to one of the following attendants: Jack, Mohan, Shalini, Suman and Rita. Two animals of different species are housed in each enclosure. A lion and a deer cannot be together. A panther cannot be with either a deer or a bison. Suman attends to animals from among bison, deer, bear and panther only. Mohan attends to a lion and a panther. Jack does not attend to deer, lion or bison. X, Y and Z are allotted to Mohan, Jack and Rita respectively. X and Q enclosures have one animal of the same species.  Z and P have the same pair of animals. The animals attended by Shalini are:

    a. bear & bison

    b. bison & deer

    c. bear & lion

    d. bear & panther   

    (CAT 2000)

  • Answer: Option c

  • Question 4

    Eighty kilograms (kg) of store material is to be transported to a location 10 km away. Any number of couriers can be used to transport the material. The material can be packed in any number of units of 10, 20 or 40kg. Courier charges are Rs. 10 per hour. Couriers travel at the speed of 10 km/ hr if they are not carrying any load, at 5 km/hr if carrying 10kg, at 2 km/hr if carrying 20kg and at 1 km/hr if carrying 40 kg. A courier cannot carry more than 40 kg of load. The minimum cost at which 80kg of store material can be transported to its distinction will be:

    a. Rs.180

    b. Rs.160

    c. Rs.140

    d. Rs.120       

    (CAT 2000)

  • Answer: Option b

  • Question 5

    Five persons with names P, M, U, T and X live separately in any one of the following: a palace, a hut, a fort, a house or a hotel. Each one likes two different colors from among the following: blue, black, red, yellow and green. U likes red and blue. T likes black. The person living in a palace does not like black or blue. P likes blue and red. M likes yellow. X lives in a hotel. M lives in a:

    a. hut

    b. palace

    c. fort

    d. house         

    (CAT 2000)

  • Answer: Option b

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