Need to Pursue Quality MBA - Sachin Sundar, IIM Lucknow

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    Sachin Sundar is pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow. He co-founded and is the current president of IIM Lucknow Toastmasters Club.


    Master of Business Administration like olden times is not just producing effective managers, but it produces Innovative entrepreneurs. The job market is really competitive and needs new generation entrepreneurs to create employment. ‘Make in India’ slogan is really attractive and we can expect many foreign companies invest in India. But a company ‘Born in India’ is excellent! The need of the hour is creation of new jobs by us.
    India as a country is now seriously progressing. The government is working to bring up the Rupee value, increase our GDP and especially is atleast taking the first step towards cleaning the corruption in our country. Statistics say that our country has the highest youth population in the world which is 356 million. 10 years from now this 356 million cannot represent the youth anymore. So this is the right time to act my dear youth of the nation. If we lose track now, a prosperous India will always be an elusive dream.

    No doubt most of the Youth have the deep inner feeling to fight against corruption and take our country in par in the super powers. But the biggest hurdle in my perspective for the youth is the fear of losing out on their real life. The families of our countries are not well-off and most are dependent on the children to get into a high paying or atleast a decent job to support the family. So all the spirit to lead the nation succumbs into running behind the corporate to fetch a job. With 356 million youth, unemployment is also a major concern. As a summary the youth face nightmares in either finding a job or clinging on to it. The job profile currently is very demanding, with less spare time. Is there a solution to this? Of course, every problem has atleast one! I am here to share one such solution.

    Quality MBAs - What can it do?

    The value of MBA has taken a dip in our country. Like engineering colleges, B-schools are growing in numbers as well. Larger populations of Under-graduates do B.E and Post-graduates do MBA. So there comes a question of ‘Quality MBA’. Not only does top B-school produce quality MBAs but also opens up a person’s vision. The IIMs expect an aspirant to have an overall knowledge about our country which includes politics, finance set-up, global presence of our country, etc. This gives every individual the right perspective about our country. The intriguing mind starts to search for solutions to help our nation. If you gain admissions into the IIMs or other top B-schools, the career fear of not only that individual goes away, but opens path for many. The two year MBA program broadens your perspective and helps you to venture into entrepreneurship. This creates job for so many. Not only do we get business ideas, but the IIMs also support social cause. I happened to visit IIM Ahmedabad last year and got an opportunity to interact with MPs and IAS officers. The institute conducts debates with these government representatives in front of all the students. Students get opportunities to interact with them and gain insights. Similar events happen throughout the MBA program. The need for youth participation in the country is rightly featured to the students.
    So as a snapshot what happens?

    • Youth who already aspire to help the country is given enormous thrust to do it.
    • Youth are given the idea to venture into entrepreneurship to help oneself and also create employment for many.
    • This security for life and gives one the time and courage to help the nation.

    What if you don’t make it to the IIMs?

    • You either get into next level B-schools which is a lot better than MBAs offered by engineering colleges or local players.
    • The holistic view of the country’s current scenario will help you contribute to the nation. After all an IIM Degree is not a pre-requisite to serve the nation.

    The country needs serious youth participation. The role of Youth doesn’t just end with voting. The country expects a lot from this young blood. While MBA gives the right platform to build our skills, using the power of social media and networking, we can voice our views and can contribute to the society at large.

    So wake up youth!

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