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  • Q1) In a class, students use three mobile applications - Whatsapp, Line and WeChat. The number of students who use Whatsapp, Line and WeChat is 80, 54 and 66 respectively. Twelve students use Whatsapp and WeChat, but not Line. Six students use Whatsapp and Line, but not WeChat. Twenty two students use Line and WeChat. The total number of students in the class is ten times the number of students who use all the three applications. If 16 students use none of the three applications, then find the number of students in the class.

  • Q2) Of the students attending a school party, 60% of the students are girls, and 40% of students like to dance. After these students are joined by 20 more boy students, all of whom like to dance, the party is now 58% girls. How many students now at the party like to dance?

  • Q3) In an examination, there are 100 questions. A student is awarded 12 marks for each correct answer.He loses 3 marks for each wrong answer and loses 2 marks for each unattempted question. The net score of Hari in that test is 625. The number of ways in which Hari could have attempted the exam is ?

  • @hemant_malhotra Is It 2?

  • Q4) If the letters of the word REGULATIONS are arranged at random, the chances that there will be exactly four letters between R and E is

  • Q5) How many three digit odd nos. can be formed from the digits : 2, 0, 3, 5? (repetition not allowed).

  • Q6) How many different arrangement can be made out of the letters in the expression a^3 b^2 c^4 when written at full length?

  • Q7) In a class of 33 students, 20 play cricket, 25 footballs and 18 table tennis.15 play both cricket and football, 12 play football and table tennis, 10 table tennis and cricket. Each student plays at least one game. Find the number of students:
    Q.1 Who play only cricket?
    Q.2 Who play all the three games?
    Q.3 Who play only two games?
    Q.4 Who play only one game?

  • Q8) A bouquet of 25 flowers is to be made out of 4 different types of flowers, namely Rose, Sunflower, Jasmine and Carnation. Sufficient numbers of flowers are available of each type. Minimum five roses and five sunflowers mu st be used. At least one flower of each other type must be used while making the bouquet. Calculate the total number of ways in which the flowers for the bouquet can be selected.
    a) 100
    b) 150
    c) 560
    d) None of these

  • Q9) Out of 8 students in Section A, 10 students in Section B and 12 students in Section C, a teacher wants to create a team of three to represent the school in inter-school quiz competition. In how many ways the team can be formed such that all the members of the team are not from the same section?

  • Q10) In a colony, 100 persons visited U.S., 80 visited U.K. and 60 visited Canada. 100 visited at least two of the above three countries. 30 visited all the three countries. 50 visited none of the three countries. What is the number of persons in the colony?
    a) 180
    b) 210
    c) 160
    d) Cannot be determined.

  • Q11) An institution, conducted a survey among its 300 students who appeared in the CAT examination. Among them 20% got a call from IIMA, 40% from IIMB, 35% from IIMC and 20% did not get a call from any of these institutes. 50% of those who got a call from IIMA did not get any other call. 25% of those who got a call from IIMB, also got a call from IIMA. How many of them got a call from only IIMC?
    a) 10
    b) 15
    c) 90
    d) 110

  • Q12) World’s top 200 tennis players took part in French open tournament and Wimbledon tournament. Among the players, who took part in singles or doubles events, 60% took part in doubles event and 50% took part in the French open tournament. Among those who participated in French Open tournament 60% took part in singles. 20% of the players took part in both singles and doubles events. Every player who participated in singles and double events of a tournament, has participated in both the events of the other tournament as well.
    How many players took part in only Doubles?
    a) 60
    b) 40
    c) 80
    d) 100

  • Q13) There are a total 100 persons in a class. 40 failed in exam A , 50 failed in exam B , 45 failed in exam C. There are a total 32 students who failed in exactly 2 exams.Only 1 student passed in all exams. Find the number of students who failed in all 3 exams

  • @hemant_malhotra ans in 96

  • Q14) Four boxes are labeled as A, B, C and D. Each box contains three balls - one red, one blue and one green. In how many ways can a person pick 2 red and 3 blue balls?
    (a) 48
    (b) 24
    (c) 8
    (d) 16

  • Q15) Fourteen fruits and twenty two flowers are to be distributed among 10 people in such a way that each person gets something. Anyone who gets more than two flowers cannot get more than one fruit and anyone who gets more than one fruit cannot get more than three flowers. What is the maximum number of flowers that one can get?
    (a) 3
    (b) 5
    (c) 19
    (d) 22

  • Q16) Twelve students are made to stand in a row. The class teacher has to select three students from these 12 students such that there are at least 3 students standing between any two of the three students selected. In how many ways can this be done?

  • Q17) Ten persons sit in two rows such that five persons can sit in each row. If each girl sits beside or in front of or behind a boy and each boy sits beside or in front of or behind a girl, then what is the maximum possible number of girls that can be seated in the arrangement?
    a) 7
    b) 5
    c) 6
    d) 8

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