stuck in quants

  • Sir, I completed TIMEs fundamental book for quants for a few topics but when i take TIMEs test (foundation level), i am doing extremely bad...Where could I be going wrong? How can I improve? Every suggestions/advise are welcome. Please do reply.

  • Being MBAtious!

    Dear @Jithin

    Not an expert, but will share my 0.02$

    When you say you completed your basic course material and is not getting good results in tests, reasons can be a combination of the three points mentioned below.

    1. you are not yet comfortable with the fundamental concepts
    2. you are not able to apply the concepts in problems
    3. Your accuracy and time management is taking a hit under exam pressure.

    So to find the gaps and chalk out an improvement plan you should share more data points :slight_smile:

    Good thing for you is that there is enough time to prepare. So Let's start with one topic and we will build from there. My personal favourite would be Time, Speed and Distance as it has very less formula (one actually) and is very interesting to solve once you get the idea.

    Start with the concepts first - Use all the materials in your hand, but focus on this topic
    You can find some good material in MBAtious also - speed & distance

    Once you cover the fundas, go through the solved examples in your prep material and then you can solve the 100 questions (which covers almost all the important concepts in the topic) which is available here -

    Some other articles which would help to start in quant are shared below

    It would also be smart to find a good mentor so that your learning curve would be much better -

    All the best!

  • Hi @zabeer,

    Thanks a lot for lending me a helping hand...really needed it.. My issue is primarily that I am not able to apply the concepts (2). I had in fact covered the very same topic, Time and Distance and its my performance in the test for this topic that led me to type this post! :(

    Regarding the articles:
    100 CAT level questions on Time, Speed and Distance topic -> Has the answer key been given in the blog? just wondering if it is due to my recent presence here that I am not able find it.
    Other articles - they were immensely helpful. I was totally unaware of the AP-HP concept and all...

    Already having a mentor who is just as puzzled as I am about my poor performance :|

    Thanks a lot once again :)

  • Being MBAtious!

    @jithin our pleasure :slight_smile:

    For the 100 questions, we will try to post the detailed answers. Keep solving!

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