Logical Reasoning capsules by Vikas Saini - Set 4

  • Set 1

    64 players seeded from seed 1 to seed 64 participated in a knockout tennis tournament, where player no 1 to player no 64. The tournament would be played into 6 rounds. In the first round the player with the highest seed 1 would play with the lowest seed 64 which is designated match no 1, similarly the player with the second highest seed would play with the second lowest seed player, which is designated match no 2 and so on.
    In the second round, the winner of match no. 2 of the first round would play with the winner of the match no 31 of the first round and this match is designated match no 2 of the second round and so on. In the similarly pattern the subsequent rounds will be played.

    Q1) Who could be the lowest seeded player facing the player facing the player seeded 12 in the finals ?
    a. 57
    b. 59
    c. 62
    d. 63
    e. 64

    Solution :- the lowest seeded player would be seed no 63.
    Upset :- It is the case when higher seeded player defeated by lower seeded player.

    Q2) If those are only 5 upsets in the tournament, then who could be the lowest seeded player winning the tournament ?
    b. 17
    c. 63
    d. 33
    e. 32

    Solution : To win the tournament any player needs to win 6 matches. In case of 5 upsets, the lowest seeded player is seed no 32.

    Q3) If each player is involved in at most one upset, then who could be the lowest seeded player winning the tournament ?
    a. 47
    b. 33
    c. 32
    d. 31
    e. 17

    Solution :- Suppose all the matches of first rounds were upset, then from seed no 33 to seed 64 would qualify for second round. Then lowest seeded player is 33.

    Set 2

    A kabaddi team of 7 players must be selected from five North zone players Sameer, Kunal, Mahesh, Rahul and Prem and 5 south zone players Raghu, Shyam, Mohan, amar and Ramu.
    There must be at least three players each from North and south zones in the team.

    1. If Sameer is selected, Prem cannot be selected.
    2. If Raghu is selected then neither Amar nor Ramu can be selected.
    3. If Shyam is selected then Ramu cannot be selected.

    Who among the following must always be selected ?
    a. Only Kunal and Mahesh
    b. Only Kunal, Mahesh and Rahul.
    c. Only Kunal, Mahesh, Rahul and Mohan.
    d. Only kunal, Mahesh and Mohan.

    Solution :-
    From (2) & (3)
    In case of selection of Raghu, Amar and Ramu can’t be selected. If Shyam is selected then Ramu can’t be selected. Only Mohan is over there who can be selected in each case.
    From (1) Sameer and Prem can’t be selected together.
    Therefore Kunal,Mahesh, Rahul and Mohan must always be selected.
    Hence option C.

    Set 3

    Aman (57 years old), told his friend Amar, “I have seen 15 leap years”. After hearing this, Amar redefined a leap year as follows. Every year which is multiple of 2 or 3 or both is considered as leap year. As per Amar’s definition of a leap year, if both, the year of Amar’s birth and present year become leap years.

    How many leap year must aman have seen according to this definition ?
    a. 37
    b. 38
    c. 39
    d. 40

    Solution :-

    As per Amar’s defition, every year which is divided by 2 or 3 or both is a leap year.
    Amar’s birth year and present year both are leap year according to Amar’s definition.
    Suppose birth year is 1803 and present year is 1860.
    Years which are divided by 3 [1803,1860] = 20.
    Years which are divided by 2 [1803,1860] = 29.
    Years which are divided by 2 & 3 both [1803,1860] = 10.
    Total leap years = 20+29-10 = 39.
    Hence C.

    Set 4

    There is an actor and a doctor among Mr Pandey, his mother, his wife and his son, further it is known that
    (i)If the doctor is a female, then the actor is also female.
    (ii) If the actor is younger than the doctor, then the actor and doctor are not blood relatives.
    (iii) If the actor is a female, then she and the doctor are blood relatives.

    Who is the actor ?

    Solution :-
    From (i)
    Doctor :- Mr. Pandey’s mother / Mr. Pandey’s wife.
    Actor :- Mr. Pandey’s wife / Mr. Pandey’s mother.
    From (iii)
    If the actor is a female, then doctor must be blood relatives.
    But both female are not blood relatives.
    So actor can’t be female.
    From (ii) actor can’t be Mr. Pandey’s son because he is blood relatives of all.
    Hence Mr. Pandey is an actor.

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