Logical Reasoning capsules by Vikas Saini - Set 1

  • Set 1

    Seven persons namely Paramjit, Tarun, Morya, Jeeva, Vaani, Ram and Waqar are good friends and are studying in M Com, MA and MSc courses. Three are doing MCom, two are in MA. and another two are in MSc. Each of them has a very distinct and favorite color choice ranging from blue, red, yellow, white, black, pink and brown but not necessarily in the same order. None doing MCom like either red or black. Morya is doing M.A. and he likes blue. Ram is doing MSc and likes brown. Jeeva is doing MCom and likes yellow. Paramjit who does not like red is in the same discipline of Ram. Tarun is in the same discipline of Morya. Vaani does not like pink.

    Q1. Which among the following groups is doing MCom?
    a) Jeeva, Vaani and Waqar
    b) Vaani, Waqar and Tarun
    c) Jeeva, Vaani and Tarun
    d) Jeeva, Paramjit and Ram

    Q2. What is the color combination choice of those who are in MSc discipline?
    a) Brown and Pink
    b) Black and White
    c) Black and Brown
    d) Yellow and Black
    e) None of The Above

    Q3. Which color does Vaani like?
    a) Yellow
    b) Pink
    c) White
    d) Brown
    e) None of The Above

    Q4. What is the color combination choice of those who are in M.A. discipline?
    a) Red and Black
    b) Blue and Red
    c) Blue and Black
    d) None of The Above

    Q5. Morya is related with which discipline?
    a) MSc.
    b) MA
    c) MCom


    A table can be made with the help of above hints


    Now from above table answer can be given easily
    Q.1 :- a
    Q.2 :- c
    Q.3 :- c
    Q.4 :- b
    Q.5 :- b

    Set 2

    M, K, J, T, R, D and W are seven members of a family. There are two married couples among them belonging to two different generations. Each of them has a different choice of cuisine - Chinese, Continental, Thai, Punjabi, South India, Gujarati and Malwani. The grandfather in the family likes Gujarati food. None of the ladies likes Continental or Thai food. T is the son of M, who likes Chinese food. W is J's daughter-in-law and she likes South Indian food. K is grandfather of D, who likes Punjabi food. J is mother of R, who likes Continental food.

    Q1) How is R related to D?
    (a) Father
    (b) Brother
    (c) Uncle
    (d) Data inadequate
    (e) None of these

    Q2) How many male members are there in the family?
    (a) 3
    (b) 4
    (c) 5
    (d) Data inadequate
    (e) None of these

    Q3) Which of the following group contains one each from the same generations?
    (a) JRT
    (b) JRW
    (c) MRD
    (d) MWT
    (e) None of these

    Q4) Which food does T like ?
    (a) Gujarati
    (b) Thai
    (c) Malwani
    (d) Data inadequate
    (e) None of these

    Q5) Which of the following combinations represents favourite food of the two married ladies ?
    (a) Malwani, South Indian
    (b) South Indian, Punjabi
    (c) Punjabi, Malwani
    (d) Data inadequate
    (e) None of these


    K (male)Gujarati1
    J (Female)Malwani1
    M (Male)Chinese2
    W (Female)South Indian2
    T (Male)Thai3
    D (can’t say)Punjabi3
    R (Male)Continental2

    Now answer can be given easily
    1:- c
    2:- d
    3:- a
    4:- b
    5:- a

    Set 3

    Six friends Abhi, Deep, Myank, Prince, Rambo and Sumit married within a year in the months of February, April, July, September, November and December and in the cities of Ahmedabad,Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata but not necessarily following the above order. The brides names were Geetu, Jasmeet, Harman, Bindia, Inpreet and Vanshika, once again not following any order. The following are some facts about their weddings.
    (i) Myank’s wedding took place in Chennai, however he was not married to Geetu or Vanshika.
    (ii) Abhi’s wedding took place in Ahmedabad and Rambo’s in Delhi; however neither of them was married to Jasmeet or Bindia.
    (iii) The wedding in Kolkata took place in February
    (iv) Harman’s wedding took place in April, but not in Ahmedabad
    (v) Geetu and Inpreet got married in February and November and in Chennai and Kolkata but not following the above order
    (vi) Prince visited Bengaluru and Kolkata only after his marriage in December
    (vii) Sumit was married to Jasmine to September

    Q1. Harman’s husband is
    a) Abhi
    b) Deep
    c) Rambo
    d) Prince
    e) Mayank

    Q2. Deep’s wedding took place in
    a) Bengaluru
    b) Mumbai
    c) Kolkata
    d) Delhi
    e) Chennai

    Q3. In Mumbai, the wedding of one of the friends took place in the month of
    a) April
    b) September
    c) November
    d) December
    e) July

    Q4. Sumit’s wedding was held in
    a) Bengaluru
    b) Chennai
    c) Kolkata
    d) Delhi
    e) Mumbai

    Q5. Geetu was married to ____
    a) Mayank
    b) Deep
    c) Princd
    d) None of these


    A table can be made easily


    Q1. c
    Q2. c
    Q3. d
    Q4. a
    Q5. b

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