Question Bank - Arithmetic - Hemant Malhotra

  • Q69) A fruit dealer fixes selling price of watermelon juice in such a way that he ends up earning a profit of 30% after paying tax, which is 13% of the cost price. A shopkeeper buys watermelon juice from the dealer and marks up the price by 15% and then adds 25% water to the juice. He then gives a discount of 4% on juice to his customers and thereby sells juice at Rs. 98.67 per litre. What is the cost price per litre of the watermelon juice for the fruit dealer?

  • Q70) In a class, there are 2/3 as many boys as girls. If 30% of the boys ride the school bus and 40% of the girls ride it, what percent of the class rides the bus

  • Q71) A dishonest milkman sells his milk at cost price but he mixes it with water and thereby gains 25%. What is the percentage of water in the mixture?
    a. 25%
    b. 20%
    c. 22%
    d. 24%

  • Q72) Some amount out of Rs.7000 was lent at 6% per annum and the remaining was lent at 4% per annum. If the total simple interest from both the fractions in 5 years was Rs.1600, the sum lent at 6% per annum was
    a. Rs. 2400
    b. Rs. 2200
    c. Rs. 2000
    d. Rs. 1800

  • Q73) A man is standing on a railway bridge. The distance between him and one of the ends of the bridge is four times the distance between him and the other end of the bridge. He hears a train approaching the end closer to him. The speed of the train is 25 km/hr. If he runs towards either end of the bridge at a speed of ‘v’ kmph, he will reach that end at the same time that the train reaches it. Find the value of v.

  • Q74) What is the first time after 8:00 when the minute and hour hands form equal angles with the vertical?

  • Q75) What is the maximum possible sum of the number of Tuesdays and Wednesdays in two consecutive years?

  • Q76) A firm has tractors of four models, A, B, C, D. Four tractors (2 of model B and one each of models C and D) plough a field in two days. Two model A tractors and one model C tractor take three days to do this job. Three tractors one each of models A, B and C take four days to do the same task. How long will it take to do the job if a team is made up of four tractors of different models?

  • Q77) The work done by 4 men in 12 days is equal to the work done by 6 women in 10 days and is also equal to the work done by 8 children in 9 days. A man, a woman and a child working together take 10 days to complete a particular job. In how many days will the same job be completed by 2 women and 5 children working together?

  • Q78) The lengths of the three edges of a cuboid are increased by a%, b% and c%. The volume increases by V%, where V is an integer. How many values can V take if a, b, c are real numbers and 10 ≤ a, b, c ≤ 20?

  • Q79) One hundred ml of alcohol is mixed with y ml of water. Forty ml of this alcohol-water mixture is added to 2y ml of another alcohol-water mixture whose alcohol concentration is 26%. If the percentage of water in the resultant mixture is 2y%, then what is the value of y?

  • @hemant_malhotra getting 100:55

  • Q80) A and B, who are separated by a distance 90 m, are approaching towards each other. The initial speed of A is 5 m/s and that of B is 10 m/s. If both A and B increase their speed by 3 m/s and 2 m/s respectively after each second, at what distance from the starting point of A will both of them meet?

  • Q81) Three boys A, B and C start running at constant speeds from the same point P along the circumference of a circular track. The speeds of A, B and C are in the ratio 5:1:1. A and B run clockwise while C runs in the anti-clockwise direction. Each time A meets B or C on the track he gives them a card. What is the difference in
    the number of cards received by B and C if A distributes 33 cards in all?

  • Q82) A milkman had a mixture of milk and water with him. the ratio of milk to water is 4:5. He then boils the mixture so as to achieve a concentration of 50%. But, since he was distracted by the world cup finals being telecast live on T.V., he boiled the milk and realised that the initial ratio of milk to water has been reveresed. If, by then he has boiled the milk for exactly 90/7 minutes, find the extra time for which the milk has boiled, given that the rate of evaporation of water is 50% more than that of milk.
    (a) 15/7
    (b) 20/7
    (c) 14/3
    (d) none

  • Q83) Five containers each have one litre of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% milk in them. By mixing the contents of just two of the containers, one litres each of w%, x%, y%, z% and 42% (22 < w < = x < = y < = z < 42) milk is prepared, contents of no two containers are mixed twice in different proportions to get different concentrations. Also each original container is used exactly twice in making new mixtures. If the containers are mixed only in the multiples of 100 ml then z + y - x - w (is)
    a) can not be determined
    (b) 4
    (c) 16
    (d) 20
    (e) none

  • Q84) a mixture of a certain quantity of milk and 100 litres of water is worth 800rs.if pure milk of same quantity is taken , it is 1000rs. what is the amount of milk in water? (cost of water = free)
    a) 400
    b) 200
    c) 600
    d) 100

  • Q85) A vendor sells 20 apples for a Rupee gaining there – by 50%. How many apples did he buy for a Rupee ?
    (a) 30
    (b) 12
    (c) 14
    (d) 16

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