Question Bank - Arithmetic - Hemant Malhotra

  • Q16) A dishonest milk vendor sells milk at his cost price but he adds 200 ml of water to every litre of milk and he gives 20% less than the quantity he claims to give. Find the profit percentage of the vendor in selling 10 litres.
    a) 40%
    b) 50%
    c) 45%
    d) 36%

  • Q17) A car travels at 50 km/h for the first half of the journey, at 25 km/h for half of the remaining time of the journey, at 12.5 kmph for half of the remaining time of the journey and so on until the car accomplishes the journey. What is its average speed throughout the journey?

  • Q18) Three classes, A, B and C, have a total of 100 students. The students of all the three classes wrote a test. The average marks of all the three classes was 84, of A and B was 73 and of B and C was 87.5. If the average marks of A and the average marks of C are 70 and 95 respectively, find the number of students in A.
    a) 25
    b) 30
    c) 50
    d) 20

  • Q19) In a Kabaddi tournament, a team can win only integer number of points. Scores of U-Mumba team in the tournament were 34, 27, 28, 37, 28, 24, 33 and 25. The team won 4 out of the 8 matches played and scored double the points scored by their opponents in each of these 4 matches. The team lost the remaining 4 matches, out of which the team lost 3 matches by a margin of 5 points and the remaining match by a margin of 6 points. What is the average of the points scored by the opponent teams in these 8 matches against U-Mumba?
    a) 25
    b) 26
    c) 24
    d) 27

  • Q20) The speed of a truck without any load is 40 kmph. The speed diminishes by a quantity that is proportional to the cube root of the weight (in tons) it carries. Its speed is 34 kmph when it carries a load of 27 tons. What is the maximum load (in tons) it can carry so that its speed does not fall below 30 kmph?
    a) 64
    b) 125
    c) 216
    d) 343

  • Q21) From a place P, buses to A leave once every 30 minutes, buses to B leave once every 35 minutes, buses to C leave once every 45 minutes. If buses left for A, B and C simultaneously at 10:00 a.m, from P, when is the next occasion when buses leave together for each of the 3 destinations?
    a) 12:30 p.m.
    b) 8:50 p.m.
    c) 10:30 p.m.
    d) 8:30 p.m.

  • Q22) The average of 2 even natural numbers and 3 odd natural numbers is 689. If 791, 471 and 434 are three of the numbers and one of the even numbers is more than 434, find the maximum possible difference between any two of the five numbers.

  • Q23) In an examination, there are 100 questions. A student is awarded 12 marks for each correct answer.He loses 3 marks for each wrong answer and loses 2 marks for each unattempted question. The net score of Hari in that test is 625. The maximum number of questions attempted by Hari could be
    a) 99
    b) 80
    c) 90
    d) 75

  • Q24) In an alloy, zinc and copper are in ratio 1:2. In second alloy the same elements are in ratio 2:3. In what ratio should these two be mixed to form a new alloy in which zinc and copper are in ratio 5:8

  • Q25) Farook marks up the price of an article by 50% and then offers a discount of 20% to Shahrukh. Shahrukh sells it for Rs.20 more than the price at which he purchased it. If Shahrukh’s selling price is 30% more than the original cost price of the article, then Shahrukh’s profit percentage is?

  • Q26) P, Q and R start a venture with Rs.30,000, Rs.40,000 and Rs.50,000 respectively. R leaves after 2 months and, two months later, rejoins, investing half of his original investment. Q leaves six months after the start of the business and, three months later, rejoins, investing 75% of his original investment. P keeps his capital invested throughout. The venture earns an annual profit of Rs.1,98,000. P’s earnings exceed R’s by?

  • Q27) When the cost of an article increases by Rs. 350, a trader increases his selling price by 10%. Because of these changes his profit percentage decreases from 20% to 15%. Find the cost price of the article after the increase

  • Q28) Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 4hr and 5 hrs respectively. If they are turned on alternately for 1 hr each, after how many hours will the tank be filled?

  • Q29) In a 100 m race, A beats B by 20 m. The next time they run another 100 m race, A gives B a start of 36 m. By what margin will the winner beat the loser?

  • Q30) Chian is between her home and the stadium. To get to the stadium, she can walk directly to the stadium or else she can walk home and then ride a bicycle to the stadium. She rides 7 times as fast as he walks and both choices require the same amount of time . What is the ratio of Chian's distance from her home to her distance to the stadium?

  • Q31) Raman, Boman, and Daman run a race along a rectangular plot ABCD such that Raman takes the route A-C-D-B-A, Boman runs along A-D-B-C-A and Daman runs along A-D-C-B-A. They all begin the race together and finish at the same time. If the ratio of the speeds of Raman, Boman and Daman is 18:25:17, find the ratio of the perimeter of the rectangle ABCD to its shortest side..

  • Q32) There are two tanks T1 and T2. Two pipes P1 and P2 are used to fill these tanks. When operating alone, P1 takes 12 hours more to fill T1 than to fill T2, but P2 takes 24 hours more to fill T1 than to fill T2. When operating together how many hours more, will they take to fill T1 than to fill T2

  • Q33) Vijay covers 910 km by boat, road and rail in the ratio 4 : 3 : 6 respectively. Surprisingly, the speeds at which the journey was covered were also in the ratio 4 : 3 : 6 respectively. The total time taken for the journey was 89 hours. The ratio of the time taken by boat, road and rail was

  • Q34) Two sample CAT papers containing equal number of questions were to be prepared by John and Raymond. John had tough and simple question in the ratio of 19: 6. Raymond had tough and simple question in the ratio of 47: 3. Later it was decided that the two papers should be merged. What is the percentage of tough questions in the final paper?

  • Q35) A family has several children. Each boy in this family has as many sisters as brothers but each girl has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there ?

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