Question Bank - Arithmetic - Hemant Malhotra

  • Q91) Ram can either date Kritny (3 times) , Gatrina (5 times ) or Keone (6 times ) in his one month salary. Ram saves his 7 months salary and expend all his 7 months salary on dating them (three girls). If it is known that he dates equal number of times with each girls. Then find his total number of dates (in his savings , assume his saving was his 7 months salary only.
    a. 27
    b. 30
    c. 33
    d. 39

  • Q92) If usual speed of Ram is 40 km/hr but by increasing speed to 50 km/hr he saves 12 min. If he moves with 60 km/hr then he takes X min less than time taken by him with 50 km/hr. Then what is value of X (if all distances are same)
    a. 14 min
    b. 13 min
    c. 12 min
    d. 11 min
    e. None of the above

  • Q93) If Sam increases his speed by 23.33 km/hr then he reaches his destination 46 min before than usual time, and if he decreases his speed by 23.33 km/hr then he reaches his destination X min later than usual time, then among the option which could be a value of X.
    a. 23.33 min
    b. 45.33 min
    c. 46 min
    d. 123.33 min
    e. None of these

  • Q94) If 7 men , 11 women & 23 children can do a work in 20 days and 3 men , 5 women & 11 children can do same work in 60 days then how much time would be taken by 1 man, 1 woman and 1 child to complete the same work.
    a. 20
    b. 30
    c. 45
    d. 60
    e. Data inadequate

  • Q95) If N : N+1 : N+2 is ratio of number of days to built a wall by "A & B together" "B & C together" and "A & C together" and it is known that someone is doing negative work then which could be value of N
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
    e. None of these

  • Q96) If x men working x hours a day for each of x days produce x articles, then the number of articles (not necessarily an integer) produced by y men working y hours a day for each of y days is:
    (a) x^3/y^2
    (b) y^3/x^2
    (c) x^2/y^3
    (d) y^2/x^3
    (e) y

  • Q97) There are 12 pipes attached to a tank. Some of them are fill pipes and some are drain pipes. Each of the fill pipes can fill the tank in 12 hours, while each of the drain pipes will take 24 hours to drain a full tank completely. If all the pipes are kept open when the tank was empty, it takes 2 hours for the tank to overflow. How many of these pipes are drain pipes?

  • Q98) Twelve years ago, the average of the ages of the members of a joint family having ten members was 25 years. Four years later a member aged 50 years died and a child was born in the family that year. Four years after that, another member aged 50 years died and another child was born. Find the present average age of the members of the family (in years).
    a. 26
    b. 27
    c. 28
    d. 29

  • Q99) Consider three friends A, B and C who work at differing speeds. When the slowest two work together they take “n” days to finish a task. When the quickest two work together they take m days to finish a task. One of them, if he worked alone would take thrice as much time as it would take when all three work together. How much time would it take if all three worked together?
    a. 3mn/2(m+n)
    b. 2mn/(m+n)
    c. 4mn/3(m+n)
    d. 5mn/3(m+n)

  • Q100) The following table gives the concentration of 8 different samples of sugar solutions. Exactly 3 samples are mixed to form a 15% sugar solution. How many such combinations of samples are possible ?


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