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  • Q1) There is a clock that has a special way of telling the time. It does not have any hands or numbers on it, but it has a chimer. If the time is 1 o'clock, it chimes once. If the time is 2 o'clock, it chimes twice, and so forth. The time gap between any two chimes is 4 seconds. How many seconds would it take you to know the time, after the first chime is heard, if it is 11 o'clock?

  • Q2) A dishonest seller uses a weight of 700 gm in place of 1 kg and adds 15% impurities in pulse. What would be his profit percentage if he claims to be selling at cost price?

  • Q3) A digital watch displays hours and minutes with AM and PM. What is the largest possible sum of the digits in the display?

  • Q4) x can do a piece of work in 20 days working 7 hrs a day. The work is started by x and onthe second day one more man whose capacity to do work is twice that of x, joined. on the third day anotherman whose capacity is thrice as that of x, joined and the process continues till the owrk is completed. in how many days will the work be completed, if everyone works for 4 hours a day

  • Q5) Anand sells bonds of company C, paying interest rate at 5% p.a. to buy bonds (of same face value as company C) of company B which bears an interest rate of 6% p.a. However, he has to pay Rs.500 as transaction fees of the broker. Still he is going to earn an additional income of Rs.175 every month. What is the initial amount invested by Anand in the hands of company C ? [All transactions take place at face value.]

  • Q6) When RAM and Shyam went for shopping initially Ram had twice the money than Shyam . They together bought things amounting to Rs.250. Out of which Shyam's share was 60%. At the end Ram was left with thrice the amount that Shyam had. What was the amount with Shyam at the beginning ?

  • Q7) There are three runners viz , Nishant , Deepak and Mohit who jog on the same path. Nishant goes jogging every two days. Deepak goes jogging every four days. Mohit goes jogging every seven days. If its the first day that they started this routine, what is the total number of days that each person will jog by himself in the next seven weeks?
    (a) 12
    (b) 13
    (c) 14
    (d) 15

  • Q8) There are x pipes connected to a tank The rate of flow of xth pipe is x liters/minute. If rate of flow of xth pipe is x^2 litres/minute the tank will be filled in 80% less time. Find x

  • Q9) There are 7 pipes attached with a tank out of which some are inlets and some are outlets. Burly inlet can fill the tank in 10 h and every outlet can empty the tank in 15 h. When all the pipes are opened simultaneously, the tank is filled in 2*(8/11) h. Find the numbers of inlets and outlets.

  • Q10) Either of the team of A and B or team of C and D can do the a work in 15 days. Also the same work can be done by the team of A and D in 10 days and by the team of B and C in 30 days. If B alone takes 40 days to complete the work, find the ratio of the number of days taken by the team of B and D and that taken by the team of A and C to complete the work.

  • Q11) A and B are running towards each other. they stop when they meet each other . If A increases his speed by 21% then distance travelled by him increases by 10%. By what percentage should A increase his speed so that they exactly meet mid way .

  • Q12) Two jars contain milk and water in the ratio 7:3 and 3:2 respectively .In what ratio should the 2 jars be mixed such that the ratio of milk and water in the resultant sol becomes 23:17
    a) 1:3
    b) 1:5
    c) 3:5
    d) data inconsistent

  • Q13) Two vessels of equal volumes have milk and water in ratio 2:3 and 4:1 respectively. Next a certain fraction of this solution is taken out from first vessel and certain fraction is taken out from second vessel and are then poured into other vessels .The fraction poured are such that no solution is spill out and also the ratio of milk and water in first vessel becomes 1:1.Find the ratio of milk and water in second solution.

  • Q14) From drum of milk 271,331 and 451 respectively are drawn out. To do it in a minimum time, the capacity of measuring can be ?

  • Q15) M litres of milk solution contains 80% milk.Instead of adding certain amount of water to change the 80% milk solution to 60% milk solution, same amount of milk is added by mistake. To the resulting solution W litres of water is added and the initial objective of 60% milk solution is attained .What is the ratio of M and W

  • Q16) A dishonest milk vendor sells milk at his cost price but he adds 200 ml of water to every litre of milk and he gives 20% less than the quantity he claims to give. Find the profit percentage of the vendor in selling 10 litres.
    a) 40%
    b) 50%
    c) 45%
    d) 36%

  • Q17) A car travels at 50 km/h for the first half of the journey, at 25 km/h for half of the remaining time of the journey, at 12.5 kmph for half of the remaining time of the journey and so on until the car accomplishes the journey. What is its average speed throughout the journey?

  • Q18) Three classes, A, B and C, have a total of 100 students. The students of all the three classes wrote a test. The average marks of all the three classes was 84, of A and B was 73 and of B and C was 87.5. If the average marks of A and the average marks of C are 70 and 95 respectively, find the number of students in A.
    a) 25
    b) 30
    c) 50
    d) 20

  • Q19) In a Kabaddi tournament, a team can win only integer number of points. Scores of U-Mumba team in the tournament were 34, 27, 28, 37, 28, 24, 33 and 25. The team won 4 out of the 8 matches played and scored double the points scored by their opponents in each of these 4 matches. The team lost the remaining 4 matches, out of which the team lost 3 matches by a margin of 5 points and the remaining match by a margin of 6 points. What is the average of the points scored by the opponent teams in these 8 matches against U-Mumba?
    a) 25
    b) 26
    c) 24
    d) 27

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