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  • Number of Questions: 100
    Topic: Geometry
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  • Q1) Centroid of triangle is at (1,-1) while its orthocenter is at (5,3) then circumcentre of triangle could be
    (1) (-1,-3)
    (2) (8/3 , 0)
    (3) (0,8/3)
    (4) (7/3,1/3)

  • Q2) The legs of a right triangle are 8 and 15. Find the altitude to the hypotenuse

  • Q3) When the base of a triangle is increased 10% and the altitude to this base is decreased 10%, the change in area is

  • Q4) Let us take a point P inside an equilateral triangle. The sum of lengths of the perpendiculars dropped to the 3 sides of the triangle is equal to 1000. Then the length of the altitude of the triangle is:

  • Q5) In a ∆ABC,AD & BE are medians and G is the centroid, ∠AGE = 30°, AD=12cm & BE= 18cm. Find the area of the triangle?

  • Q6) In a triangle with integer side lengths, one side is three times as long as a second side, and the length of the third side is 15. What is the greatest possible perimeter of the triangle?

  • Q7) Given 10 distinct points, A_1 through A_5 on line R, and B_1 through B_5 on line S, draw the 25 possible line segments A_i B_j. Excluding the 10 given points themselves, what is the minimum number of distinct points at which these 25 segments can intersect?

  • Q8) PQ and RS are perpendicular chords of a circle intersecting at T. RT= 2.5, TS=11, PT= 3. Find the radius of the circle (approximately).
    a) 4.5
    b) 12.1
    c) 7.4
    d) 15.6

  • Q9) For a trapezium, S1 denotes the sum of the squares of the sides and S2 denotes the sum of the squares of the diagonals. S1 – S2 = 576. If the longer parallel side is 50 cm, the shorter parallel side is _______.
    a) 26 cm
    b) 22 cm
    c) 18 cm
    d) 30 cm

  • Q10) 2x + 3y + 5 = 0 and 6x – 4y + 9 = 0 are two lines. If a point is at a distance of 1 unit from each of the two given lines, then how many such points exist?
    a) 1
    b) 3
    c) 4
    d) 2

  • Q11) A triangle, whose sides are 20 cm, 48 cm and 52 cm, is to be cut into two pieces of equal area by a single straight cut, which passes through one of the vertices of the triangle. What is the approximate maximum value of the sum of the perimeters of the two pieces

  • Q12) A goat is tied at the corner of a rectangular shed of dimensions 14 m x 7 m, with a rope 21 m long. If the goat can graze on the ground around and outside the shed as far as it is permitted by the rope, find the area (in sq.m.) on which it can graze.
    a) 1232
    b) 1560.5
    c) 1260
    d) 1543.5

  • Q13) The 2 adjacent sides of a quadrilateral are 6cm and 8cm. What is the maximum area of the quadrilateral (in sq cm) if it is inscribed in a circle of radius 5cm ?

  • Q14) A hexagon with sides of length 2, 7, 2, 11, 7, 11 is inscribed in a circle. Find the radius of the circle.

  • Q15) Four cubes of volume 1, 8, 27, and 125 are glued together at their faces. What is the smallest possible surface area of the resulting solid figure?

  • Q16) If ΔPAB is formed by three tangents to a circle having centre O and ∠APB = 40º, find ∠AOB.


  • Q17) A green colour cube is cut into smaller and identical cubes with 6 cuts. The cube is cut with a knife which applies red colour to the surfaces of the cubes while cutting. The smaller cubes are further cut with 6 cuts into smaller and identical cubes, with a knife which does not apply any colour to the surface. The questions are based on the cubes obtained after these cuts. How many smaller cubes have three faces coloured red?
    a) 48
    b) 52
    c) 56
    d) 64

  • @hemant_malhotra right angled triangle is of form 8-15-17
    area of triangle = (1/2)xhx17 = 1/2x8x15
    h = 7

  • Q18) A, B, C, ..... till K are 11 points, spaced on the circumference of a circle in that order. What is the sum of all the corner angles of the ‘star’ formed by joining the points AEIBFJCGKDHA - in that order?

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