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  • Q1) Two or more essences out of a stock of five essences: L, M, N, O, and P are used in making all perfumes by a manufacturer. He has learned that for a blend of essences to be agreeable it should comply with all the rules listed below.

    • A perfume containing L, should also contain the essence N, and the quantity of N should be twice as that of L.
    • A perfume containing M, must also have O as one of its components and they should be in equal proportion.
    • A single perfume should never contain N as well as O.
    • O and P should not be used together.
    • A perfume containing the essence P should contain P in such a proportion that the total amount of P present should be greater than the total amount of the other essence or essences used.

    Q1 Among the following which is an agreeable formula for a perfume?
    A. One part L, one part P
    B. Two parts M, two parts L
    C. Three parts N, three parts L
    D. Four parts O, four parts M
    E. Five parts P, five parts M

    Q2 Adding more amount of essence N will make which of the following perfumes agreeable?
    A. One part L, one part N, five parts P
    B. Two parts M, two parts N, two parts P
    C. One part M, one part N, one part P
    D. Two parts M, one part N, four parts P
    E. Two parts N, one part O, three parts P

    Q3 Among the following, the addition of which combination would make an unagreeable perfume containing two parts N and one part P agreeable?
    A. One part L
    B. One part M
    C. Two parts N
    D. One part O
    E. Two parts P

    Q4 Among the following which combination cannot be used together in an agreeable perfume containing two or more essences?
    A. L and M
    B. L and N
    C. L and P
    D. M and O
    E. P and N

  • Q 2) Each of the six friends – Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica – works in a different department among Paleontology, Fashion, Physiotherapy, Performance Arts, Culinary Sciences and Transponstering and belongs to a different city among New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadephia, in no particular order. It is also known that:
    (i) The person who works in Physiotherapy belongs to San Francisco.
    (ii) Neither Ross nor Chandler belongs to Los Angeles.
    (iii) Ross works in neither Culinary Sciences nor Paleontology. The same is true for Monica.
    (iv) Chandler works in Transponstering and belongs to neither Boston nor Philadephia.
    (v) Rachel belongs to New York and doesn’t work in Fashion.
    (vi) The person who works in Performance Arts belongs to neither Boston nor Philadephia. The same is true for the person who works in Fashion.

    (1) Who works in Physiotherapy?
    (a) Ross
    (b) Joey
    (c) Phoebe
    (d) None of these

    (2) Who works in Fashion?
    (a) Ross
    (b) Joey
    (c) Phoebe
    (d) Monica

    (3) The person who works in Performance Arts belongs to which city?
    (a) Boston
    (b) New York
    (c) Chicago
    (d) None of these

  • Q3) A and B are playing a game.Either of them can start the game by choosing a single digit number, then the other person will choose a number adding any integer from 1 to 11 to the number chosen previously and the process continues.For eg, if A chooses 2 then in next turn B has to choose any integer between 3-13 and so on..The person who chooses 100 is the winner.

    (1) A chooses 68. In order to win, which no. should B choose next?
    a) 69
    b) 76
    c) 74
    d) 79

    (2) B chooses 43. In order to win, which no. should A choose next?
    a) 44
    b) 48
    c) 52
    d) 54

  • Q4) CID arrested five doctors, one of whom is the guilty party in leaking the question paper of a medical entrance examination. Each of the suspects gives one statement and it later transpires that just three of the statements are correct. These are the statements:

    Dr House : Dr Murli Prasad Sharma committed this crime
    Dr Tancredi : I did not do it.
    Dr Jekyll : It was not Dr Salunkhe.
    Dr Murli Prasad Sharma : Dr House is lying when he says that I did it.
    Dr Salunkhe : Dr Tancredi is telling the truth.

    Who committed the crime?

    (a) Either Dr House or Dr Murli Prasad Sharma
    (b) Dr Tancredi
    (c) Dr Jekyll
    (d) Dr Salunkhe

  • Q5) Five ladies—Lata, Asha, Usha, Geeta, and Kavita, and five men—Abhijeet, Kishore, Pankaj, Shankar and Udit, sat on the two long sides of a rectangular table. Ladies sat alternating with and opposite to the men. Shankar sat in a centre position. Geeta sat opposite Abhijeet. Asha sat next to Shankar and three places from Abhijeet. Kavita sat four places to the left of Geeta. Usha sat two places from Asha. Pankaj sat opposite Asha. Kishore sat three places from Kavita.

    (1) Who sat opposite to Lata?
    (a) Abhijeet
    (b) Kishore
    (c) Pankaj
    (d) Shankar

    (2) Given the information in the previous question, who sat opposite Udit?
    (a) Asha
    (b) Geeta
    (c) Kavita
    (d) Usha

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  • @Rajiv @Pramod-Beri
    Figure can be made as
    Who sat opposite to Lata? - Shankar
    who sat opposite to Udit? - Kavita

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    is it right ?

  • @shashank_prabhu

    (1) L and N always together; And Quantity of N = twice as L

    (2) M and O always together; And Quantity of M = O

    (3) N and O NEVER together

    (4) O and P NEVER together

    (5) quantity of P always greater than total of others together

    1. consider option (A) - 1L and 1P ; by (4) this condition is contradicting.
      consider option (B) - 2M and 2L; from (1) & (2) along with M and L, O and N also should be added. but N and O can never be together from (3). so,this condition is contradicting.
      consider option (C) - by (1) its contradicting
      consider option (E) - by (5) its contradicting
      consider option (D) - by (2) the statement satisfies the condition.
      Hence answer is D.

    2. consider option (A) - From (1), N = twice as L. Already there is 1L,1N,5P. The condition (5) is also satisfied. by adding 1N, it becomes 2N and twice the quantity of L.
      Hence answer is A.
      NOTE: In all other options M and O are present. With O, N can never be added.

    3. from (5), P should have greater proportion than all the other elements. So, P should only be added.
      option (E) is the only one that satisfies the above.
      Hence answer is E.

    4. From the statements except L and M, all the other combinations can be added together.
      Hence answer is A.

  • @shashank_prabhu 1-Ross 2-Monica 3-New York

  • @shashank_prabhu 1. Saankar 2.Kavita

  • @shashank_prabhu Why is the answer to Q4, A?

  • @Tanya-Gidwani

    If a perfume has L in it, then it should also contain N.
    Also, if a perfume has M in it, then it should also have O in it.
    But we know that N and O cannot be present together.
    So L + M is not allowed.

  • @shashank_prabhu 1-d,2-a,3-e answer for q-4 please explain sir

  • Q6) Each of the three logicians A, B, and C is wearing a hat. They know that the hats are either black or white and that not all the hats are white. A can see the hats of B and C; B can see the hats of A and C; C is blind. Each is asked in turn if he knows the colour of his own hat. The answers are “A : No, B : No, C : Yes” in this order only. What is the colour of C’s hat?
    a. Black
    b. White
    c. Black if A is wearing a White hat
    d. White if A is wearing a Black hat

  • Q7) There are 100 people in a community. Each of these people likes one or more of the 3 characters Sheldon Cooper, Barney Stinson and Chandler Bing. Ten of them like both Sheldon Cooper and Barney Stinson. 30 of them like both Chandler Bing and Sheldon Cooper. 15 of them like both Chandler Bing and Barney Stinson. 35 of them like Chandler Bing.

    (1) How many of them like all the 3 characters?
    a. 5
    b. 10
    c. 15
    d. Data insufficient

    (2) How many of them like exactly one of the 3 characters?
    a. 65
    b. 45
    c. 35
    d. Data insufficient

  • Q8) Six people are sitting in a row having seat numbers 1 to 6 (from left to right) such that they sit in the order of increasing age (from left to right). (A, F), (C, B ) and (E, D) are the only pairs of siblings. One pair has only boys and another pair has only girls while the third has a boy and a girl. There is only one person sitting on one seat.

    Additional information given below:

    I. Boys sit at the corner.
    II. No siblings sit adjacent to each other.
    III. The siblings A and F have more than two people between them.
    IV. No two (or more) boys sit adjacent to each other.
    V. Seat 4 and 5 were occupied by girls.
    VI. F and E are the eldest of the boys and the girls respectively.

    (1) Who occupied seat number 4?
    (a) C
    (b) B
    (c) D
    (d) Cannot be determined

    (2) Which two people are definitely sitting adjacent to each other?
    (a) (A, D)
    (b) (C, E)
    (c) (B, D)
    (d) (A, B )

    (3) How many people are sitting between A and E?
    (a) 3
    (b) 4
    (c) 2
    (d) Cannot be determined

    (4) Who is definitely younger than E’s brother?
    (a) C
    (b) B
    (c) A
    (d) F

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