Logical Reasoning Capsules - Edwin Jose, CAT DILR 100 Percentiler - Set 5

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    DIRECTIONS: Refer to the following information and answer the following questions.

    In a village far far away, by name Foolistan, there are four kinds of people: Dumbos, Idiots, Fools and Morons. The village has each of these people in equal numbers, people in the village belong to exactly one of the four kinds. Every day, people in this village have the habit of making assess of themselves. However, some rules are followed. A person may not make an ass of himself (or herself) at all. Idiots commit twice the number of blunders as do Dumbos, Fools thrice as many as Idiots and Morons four times as many as Fools. However, by a strange fact of the tribe, if even one person of a kind commits zero blunders, no one in the group commits a blunder. Every Dumbo commits the same number of blunders as every other Dumbo. Use these facts to answer the next four questions.

    (1) On a particular day, 66,000 blunders were committed. Which of the following is not possible?
    (Assume the total population is 400)
    (a) A Fool did not commit any blunder
    (b) An Idiot did not commit any blunder
    (c) A Moron did not commit any blunder
    (d) None of these

    (2) The population of the village is 400. On a given day every group committed blunders, and Fools as a group commit 1200 blunders. The total number of blunders committed on that day is:
    (a) 5000
    (b) 6600
    (c) 66000
    (d) 6000

    (3) On a particular day, the Morons don’t commit any blunders, and the other groups may or may not have committed blunders. Which of the following is the least number of blunders, which certainly?
    satisfy the above the criteria? (Assume total population = 400)
    (a) 600
    (b) 100
    (c) 2700
    (d) 900

    (4) On a day, all four groups commit blunders and a Dumbo commits 3 blunders. If the population is 400, the total number of blunders on the day is:
    (a) 99
    (b) 9900
    (c) 9000
    (d) 990


    (1) (4)
    (2) (2) It is given that, Blunders committed by Idiots (I) = 2 (Dumbos) ……(i)
    Blunders committed by Fools (F) = 3 (Idiots) and ………. (ii)
    Blunders committed by Morons (M) = 4 (Fools) ………… (iii)
    As, Fools commit 1200 blunders, hence Moron commit 4800 blunders, Idiots, commit 400 blunders & Dumbos commit 200 blunders from (i) , (ii) & (iii).
    Hence total numbers of blunders committed = 1200 + 4800 + 400 + 200 = 6600.
    (3) (2) The population in each group 400/4=100
    Let us assume that if Dumbos commit the lest number of blunders i.e. 1, hence blunders committed by Dumbos group = 1 x 100 = 100.
    Note: Others may & may not commit blunders. Hence (2).
    (4) (2) As the population is same in each groups, hence Dumbo’s population =
    As every Dumbo commits the same number of blunders as every other Dumbo, so total blunders committed by Dumbos = 3 x 100 = 300.
    Now using equations
    Blunders committed by Idiots, Fools & Morons are respectively 600, 1800 and 7200.
    ∴Total number of blunders of the day = 300 + 600 + 1800 + 7200 = 9900.

    DIRECTIONS: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. A team of 5 players Arpit, Bimal, Chatur, Dinu and Elan participated in a ‘Freaket’ tournament and played four matches (1 to 4). The following table gives partial information about their individual scores and the total runs scored by the team in each match.

    Each column has two values missing. These are the runs scored by the two lowest scorers in that match.
    None of the two missing values is more than 10% of the total runs scored in that match.

    (A) Manoj, sitting at chair number 1, is diagonally opposite Feroz who is sitting opposite Himanshu.
    (B) Jatin is sitting opposite Saral who is the only person sitting between Abhishek and Vijay.
    (C) Aashu is sitting opposite Tarun who is the only person sitting between Feroz and Shivku.


    (1) If Shivku is not sitting opposite Vijay, then who is sitting next to Manoj?
    (a) Abhishek
    (b) Jatin
    (c) Vijay
    (d) Either Jatin or Vijay

    (2) How many different seating arrangements are possible if Manoj is not sitting next to Vijay?
    (a) Two
    (b) Three
    (c) Four
    (d) Six

    (3) If Sajid is sitting at one of the corner seats, then who is sitting opposite him?
    (a) Manoj
    (b) Jatin
    (c) Himanshu
    (d) Aashu


    Statement A indicates that Feroz and Himanshu are at seat number 7 and 6 respectively. Tarun is the only person between Feroz and Shivku while Aashu is opposite Tarun (Statement C). Hence, Aashu, Tarun and Shivku must be at seat number 5, 8 and 9 respectively. From Statement B we get the following figures that depict the possible seating arrangements for the 12 people:



    (1) d
    If Shivku is not sitting opposite Vijay then either Vijay (from figure 1) or Jatin (from figure 2) is sitting next to Manoj.
    (2) d
    If Manoj is not sitting next to Vijay then there are six possible arrangements (2 from figure 1 and 4 from figure 2).
    (3) a
    Manoj, Feroz and Himanshu occupy three of the four corner seats and it is known that Feroz is sitting opposite Himanshu. Hence, Sajid can only sit opposite Manoj. This can also be seen from figure 1.

    Directions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

    Sharma Jee wants to buy a book and is confused between four novels of different genres - mystery, horror, comedy and thriller. The novels are written by Lalu, Monu, Nonu and Ovattio and published by Purshottam, Quattchori, Rajveer and Sarkar, not necessarily in the same order. The horror novel is published by Quattchori and the thriller novel is written by Nonu. Each novel is written by a different author and published by a different publisher. It is also known that Lalu and Monu get their books published by Purshottam or Quattchori only.

    (1) If the mystery novel is written by Ovattio then who can be the publisher of the comedy novel?
    (a) Purshottam or Quattchori
    (b) Only Purshottam
    (c) Purshottam or Rajveer
    (d) Purshottam or Rajveer or Sarkar

    (2) How many combinations of publisher and author are possible for the mystery novel?
    (a) 6
    (b) 3
    (c) 4
    (d) 5


    (1) Option B
    If the mystery novel is written by Ovattio then the arrangement looks like:


    (2) Option C
    The author of the mystery novel can be Lalu or Monu or Ovattio. If the author is either Lalu or Monu then the publisher can be Purshottam only. If the author is Ovattio then the publisher can be either Rajveer or Sarkar.

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