Logical Reasoning Capsules - Edwin Jose, CAT DILR 100 Percentiler - Set 4

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    Directions: Refer to the following data and answer the following questions.


    Each of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 is represented by a different letter in the figure.
    A + B + C, C + D + E, E + F + G and G + H + I is equal to 13.

    (1) Which of the digits does E represent?
    (A) 9
    (B) 4
    (C) 7
    (D) 1

    (2) Which of the digits does D represent?
    (A) 8
    (B) 7
    (C) 3
    (D) 7 or 8


    Refer to the following data for the following solutions.


    ∴ E represents 4 and D represents 7 or 8.
    (1) B
    (2) D

    DIRECTIONS: Refer to the following data and answer the following questions.

    A simple coding system, using cryptograms, is designed as below. Three concentric wheels each having all the alphabets and the number 0 to 9 are written around the rims of the wheels.


    (1) Suppose that a cryptogram system is made by rotating the inner wheel 2 alphabets to the right and rotating the outer wheel 2 alphabets to the left. Starting with the inner wheel, what would APPLE
    be coded as?
    (A) BRRC7
    (B) 8RNJC
    (C) 8CCNR
    (D) 8RNNC

    (2) How many cryptogram system can be totally made from this device? (Starting inner wheel)
    (A) 2315
    (B) 1295
    (C) 676
    (D) Indeterminate

    (3) Assume that both the inner and outer wheels have been rotated one step, but you don’t know whether left or right. What would the rotations be if HOCJ9 has to decode to a proper English? word? (Starting inner wheel)
    (A) Inner right, Outer right
    (B) Inner left, Outer left
    (C) Inner right, Outer left
    (D) Inner left, Outer right


    (D) Right turns: Actual letter – 2, 2 left turns: Actual letter + 2
    A (inner): 8; P (outer): R; P (inner): N; L (outer): N; E (inner): C
    ∴ APPLE would be coded as 8RNNC.

    (B) Total alphabets + number on a wheel = 26 + 10 = 36 per wheel
    Total combinations = (36 x 36) – 1 = 1295 (one is where all wheels are aligned)

    (3) (C) 4 combinations possible:
    Inner L, Outer L, Inner R, Outer R, Inner L, Outer R and Inner R, Outer L.
    Translate HOCJ9 back in each of the four above, and the only one which would reproduce an English an English word (INDIA) is inner R, outer L.

    DIRECTIONS: Each of these questions contains six statements followed by 4 sets of combinations of 3. Choose the set in which the statements are most logically related.

    (1) A. All pianos are large
    B. All flutes are well turned
    C. All pianos are loud
    D. All flutes are loud
    E. All pianos are flutes
    F. All pianos are well tuned
    (a) FBE
    (b) CDF
    (c) BEF
    (d) BCF

    (2) A. All acetones are corrosive substances.
    B. All corrosive substances are acidic.
    C. All acetones are alkaline.
    D. Some acetones are alkaline and corrosive.
    E. All acetones are acidic.
    F. No oxide corrodes.
    (a) ACB
    (b) BDE
    (c) BCD
    (d) BAE

    (3) A. Some oils are refined
    B. Some oils are not brown.
    C. Some refined oils are acceptable.
    D. Only brown oils are acceptable.
    E. Some oils are not acceptable.
    F. Only refined oils are brown.
    (A) BDE
    (B) CFE
    (C) AEB
    (D) ABE


    (1) (C) From the given options, only (3) i.e. BEF are logically related.
    (2) (D) Statements BAE are logically related. Hence this is the answer.
    (3) (A) By combining Statements B and D, we can deduce the statements E. Hence BDE are logically related.

  • whats the logic, how did u allocate numbers to respectie alphabets?

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