Two Months Plan For CAT Verbal Section

  • I see a lot of people seeking my advice on Verbal Ability and RC strategy for the last two months.

    Here is a small brief on the plan ahead:

    Past year CAT papers – Make sure that you solve the CAT papers from 2003 – 08 at least twice. Remember, I have been a big fan of solving past year papers of the examination that you are sitting for (Despite the fact that the paper might have changed its pattern). Make sure that you do the papers specifically in the form of paper and not individual topics.

    Mocks of the current test series – Revise the first couple of mocks of this season. Why do I say this? You would have attempted these mocks way back in May – June and the time span would make sure that if you do these mocks again – you would feel them as the new mocks.

    Remember, every mock and past year paper, now, should be attempted in a strict time limit and paper wise. Once you are done with it, do not simply see the answer. Make sure you do the mock again and then see the answer choice. Then go back to the question and see if the choice makes sense now. If the question is still not clear, then only see the explanation.

    For NMAT – Barron’s word list of 333 is a must. Make sure that you do the high frequency word list on priority. Also, try to accumulate all the AIMNMAT’s and other papers and make sure that you memorize all the words that have appeared there.

    Categorize the words under different umbrella. Important umbrellas –
    Speak more and Speak less (Ex. Loquacious Vs. Succinct)
    Friendly nature and Derogatory nature (Ex. Amiable and Condescending)
    Highest point words and Lowest point words (Acme and Nadir)
    Root words like Anthro, Be, De, Omni, Anime and words with these root words.
    Legal words and Religious words (Amend and Sacrosanct as examples)
    One word substitution like Ornithologist and Philatelist

    Make sure you have bucketed the important things in Verbal as per your comfort zone. If you are good with RC’s, now is the time to take it to the next level. Finish Aristotle 99 ( a couple of RCs) if you want to go to the next level.

    If you are not good with TITA (I understand the pain here) – start maximizing in the RCs. Also, within RC, if you stuck in Inference or any special type of questions, do a small Google search for similar questions and practice them together. Do not overdo the exercise as the focus should now be on further strengthening your scoring areas.

    Revise all the sectional and topic tests. Almost, all the questions here are taken from last year mocks.

    Even if grammar did not appear last year, make sure you at least go through the basics of the following topics (Important for NMAT, SNAP and IIFT) –
    Subject Verb Agreement

    Spend at least 2 hours daily on Verbal. Remember, you should have ideally got some stability in QA and DI as of now, but Verbal needs a daily interaction. Also, the mock scores in Verbal will fluctuate a lot. Do not worry. The very nature of Verbal results in the same. Do not be very happy if you get a 99+ or go to the brewery if you had a sub 60 score. Ideally, you should become stoic towards your scores. (READ THE NEW WORD: STOIC)

    CAT is a test of temperament and a continuous journey. Enjoy it and an unnecessary stress is not going to take you anywhere.

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