Why HRM & LR at TISS Mumbai ? - Apoorva Mahajan, HRM & LR, TISS Mumbai

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    Apoorva Mahajan is a first year student of Human Resources Management and Labour Relations at TISS Mumbai.

    Every year as the dates to the management exams start approaching, the anxiety levels among the aspirants too start shooting upwards at the same rate. Dealing with all the chaos, the additional uncertainty of whether one will be able to make it to his/her dream college or atleast to one of the  colleges in the carefully crafted bucket list is also an overwhelming experience in itself. For most, there is also the dilemma of deciding the right specialisation; whether to choose from the traditional streams of Marketing, Finance and Human Resources or from the more emerging fields of Supply Chain or even Sports management.

    For some of us, who are more focused and have a clear career path in their minds it becomes a bit easier as one gets to focus on a set of colleges and most importantly a set of management exams. And for all of you who aim to pursue Human Resources Management, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai becomes a natural choice and probably one of the first few names that would come to your mind.

    Below I would list down all that you would want to know about the Human Resources Management and Labour Relations course at TISS, Mumbai and primarily the value proposition of the course to an aspiring HR professional. 

    The TISS Legacy: The HRM & LR course (formerly Personnel Management and Industrial Relations) at TISS Mumbai is one of the oldest courses in the field of human resources/personnel management in India and started in 1965. Today the alumni hold diverse leadership positions in leading organizations around the world. If you make it to the course, you too would get to be a part of the illustrious alumni of the HRM & LR course at TISS Mumbai.

    Course Pedagogy: TISS strongly believes in combining academic rigour with practical exposure and lays a strong focus on ‘On the job learning’ with four fieldwork internships, one summer internship and one NGO stint.

    Fieldwork: One of the unique features about the course that sets the HRM & LR course apart from all the other management courses is the fieldwork experience which basically includes working with a leading organization in each semester. The organizations change every semester along with the industry which ranges from BFSI to Conglomerates, FMCG to Technology and several others. The fieldworks are not only a great opportunity to gain diversified corporate exposure but also to learn more about your own interests, likes and dislikes. For example - what is the kind of work you enjoy and what is the stream in human resources that interests you the most.

    Research Project: Again, one of the other unique attributes about the course is the research project which every TISSian is required to work on. The research project is not just restricted to the field of HR and LRM but can be done under the guidance of any school in TISS which can range from Media and Cultural studies to Development Studies to Criminology. At the end of two years, the satisfaction of creating your own meaningful content is  something unmatchable.

    Placements: HRM & LR at TISS Mumbai offers some of the best placements in the country. Several leading companies from different industries visit the campus and offer some of the best roles in the HR domain. 

    Diversity: An underrated aspect, yet something that has the ability to make a powerful impact and that is why you increasingly see more organizations and management institutions laying a greater focus on it. TISS, Mumbai is one institute where diversity is at the heart of its ideology. The diversity in terms of gender, educational and cultural backgrounds and even professional experience is something that the college can easily boast about.

    The HRM & LR course at TISS Mumbai in its entirety is much more than a degree; it is an experience that encompasses not just the knowledge of organizational management but also the realities of the societal structure that we live and operate in. This is because the HRM students in TISS get a chance to interact with some of the best emerging social sciences minds in the country which makes for one enriching experience. TISS Mumbai, in short, trains you not just to be managers but to be effective leaders who have the capability and the will to redefine future. 

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