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    A spontaneous personality with fire-in- the belly travelling attitude Aditi is laced with passionate cultural streaks. She can be easily spotted with a smile on her face and a spring in her pace. A “forever intrigued” HR-in- making and a true cosmopolitan from Delhi with a difference.
    What makes for a good educational institution?
    The one which has strong principles and an even stronger academia to help build those principles over 70 years.
    The one that puts sincere efforts to bring about an effective change in the society.
    The one that brings its students the sheer pride of being attached to something with a glorious past.
    The one that hones its tutees in the best possible way and helps them put their best foot forward when it comes down to business.
    The one where every opinion is heard and translated into action, be it by a greenhorn or a veteran.
    A place which encourages every revolutionary thought, idea or opinion.
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences is everything that a good institute will fend for itself. It has a glorious past to thrive on, an enlightened present to prove it and a better future to work on. If you are looking forward to let go of whaWhy TISSt you have learnt through the years and look afresh at everything, TISS would be a great start to it. With different outlooks and better prospects, TISS won’t cease to amuse you - be it at the college while you study the many cases different organisations have encountered, the very demographic of pundits across the fieldwork organisations you work with, and even from your roommates studying other Social Science courses. When on a Sunday afternoon you sit down with your roommate from the ‘Community Organisation and Development Program’, you get to know how a Police Station works, what different cases come along for FIR and how a court case appears to be.
    You can never find such tremendous intensity of information in a bounded time span of just two years and know so much about your own course and the society in totality. This might possibly be one of the greatest reasons why TISS is THE college to do your further studies. HRM & LR is one of the many flagship programs that TISS is known for. With eminent academicians, specially tailored courses and rigorous schedules to rile you up, you will never have enough time to catch your breath. You will always have a handful of cases and studies to exercise on and head full of ideas to engineer with. This must be another reason you must join TISS. It brings out in you a better way of time management and clearer purpose of prioritizing. Just a few months at TISS will create such upheaval of knowledge and inquisition power, you will start throwing in HR jargons here and there in your daily conversations. And the sense of humour - it will definitely see a technical hilt where you would be cracking up in reference to some 1990s HR cases you found amusing which your novice friend simply finds puzzling.
    Nonetheless, TISS is not just about studying and tough love. One always finds time to bond with some wonderful souls in here. You will make real good friends to support you no matter what, a mentor to guide you through the difficult days and a brand-new ‘You’ with reinforced confidence and some polished ideas under that thinking hat of yours. Being here will make you pick up on some amusing hobbies. With Goa, by far the most famous and such next door-sy respite from the heady life here, it is difficult not to fall in love with some hidden gems like Ganapatiphule, Silvassa, Panchgani, Kamset, Tarkarli and Kashid for vivid travel lovers. Must I say, I picked up on travelling? 
    I do not intend to sell TISS here, as it is already covered that way with its glorious placement records year after year, strong alumni base and stellar placement packages to start with. I am just trying to sell the feel that TISS has in store for every individual who happens to be a part of such quintessential community. Being at TISS feels like starting anew. You are always famished to have tasted every flavour of it and still not getting enough of it.

  • I have cleared Tiss net 2018 for MHA course ..need your guidance for pit and pi..hoping for some help from you

  • @speedy ,You can get in touch with @ARCTISS

    If you have any specific queries you can also share at Discussion Room - Admissions

    All the best for further rounds :)

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