Summer Intern Experience Of An IIM grad at Unboxed - Chaitanya Karthik, IIM Rohtak

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    Chaitanya Karthik is pursuing his MBA from Indian Institute of Management Rohtak. He is a nocturnal creature who spends the darkest hours reading and writing with a frequent supply of caffeine to keep him up. Curious, Confused, Ceaselessly musing and wrongly accused of being Callous. Has a thing for awkward spots. Find him Twitter Handle:

    How do you put the best two months of your life into a page or two? This was the only question I had as I sat to pen down my internship experience at Unboxed. The journey had been an interesting experience and I can safely say that this has been almost a dream come true. Before commencing the internship, I didn’t know where my career was or what I was doing with my life. I was really low on self-confidence as I was afraid of going out into the real world.

    But as the saying goes, every cloud does have a silver lining. The day was November 17th, 2015 when I gave my interview and I don’t know why, but I had this very strong gut feeling that this is where I would be doing my internship. Post my interview, I didn’t wait for the result because all along I had this feeling that I would make it.

    My only expectation going into the internship was to achieve something unique while at the same time, enjoy myself. Unboxed was unique, because although the concept of “Coworking Spaces” is catching up in India, it is not main-stream yet. Coworking spaces basically rent out work-spaces to start-ups, freelancers, solopreneurs etc. So there are various start-ups sharing space inside a start-up. Startupception. *winks*.

    For me, the best time of the day was when everyone used to sit down to have lunch together. People belonging to all kinds of industries would come together, and had cross–platform informal discussions ranging from ‘Why Gunda movie is awesome?’ to all kinds of life hacks and experiences. More than anything else, it was about knowledge sharing and everyone got benefitted from it. How many of you know that there’s a start-up for helping out students with their assignments or for dry cleaning?

    There was an event that I had organized there called “Speak Up”, in which the startups or freelancers would talk about their work. In one case, a start-up had one problem regarding their app and they weren’t able to solve it. One of the people present told them about one freelancer who was working on the same. Within two days, they got together and started working on it. People helping people unconditionally, one big takeaway for me right there.

    Being the Community Manager at Unboxed, I was basically the go-to man regarding anything at Unboxed. Initially it was intimidating but then gradually I got used to it. Soon, I was the proud Community Manager of Unboxed. I never realized it back then, but now when I look back, I know for sure that I’ve improved my skills significantly, both on the papers as well as the other way around. If there was a scale to measure someone’s confidence, you could definitely find a big leap in mine.

    On my last day there, I spent most of the time bidding everyone farewell. We ordered pizzas for everyone and had a great time. I want to thank everyone at Unboxed who’s been extremely supportive and I’ve got plenty of lessons to take home. This has truly been an amazing journey and I’m grateful to everyone who lent me a hand, advised me and shared their wisdom with me. Allow me to end with a heartfelt “Thank You”.

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