5 Learnings during my life from Engineering to MBA - Aman Aggarwal, NMIMS Mumbai

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    Aman Aggarwal is an experiential learner and believes that meeting life honestly and courageously is what gives him the opportunity to evolve and cherish every moment. He is currently pursuing MBA 2015-17 batch with a Finance major from NMIMS, Mumbai. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi (Now DTU) and has worked as an R&D Engineer for more than 2 years at JK Tyre.

    It was a cloudy late Sunday afternoon in Mumbai and it had been drizzling since last 20 hours continually, I was pondering over an assignment problem kept on my study table with a cup of coffee and an acute submission deadline of quarter to six in the evening. Unraveling an assignment problem, I started looking at the rain drops on window pane and how they coalesce into each other forming a continuous stream of water. It struck to me that how well it relates to my life and urged me to reflect on how it all began and led to where I am now.

    After my senior secondary I got into DCE, one of the prestigious colleges in the country for engineering, and chose Mechanical Engineering owing to the abysmal 2008 recession. Those four years were among the best years of my life (If you want a 365-degree life, DCE is a place to be) and there was something good happening which I was completely unaware of at that time, four years went by like a snap of finger and I graduated from the college happily with a placement offer letter in my hand. Like most of the engineers of our country I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life in future. I was lucky to be allotted the product development department in my job and that is what provided me the exposure to different areas and helped me to take future decisions. During that period, I also obtained a post graduate diploma in rubber industry and tire engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Working in the product development helped me in deciding my future career path.

    Learning number 1: Be with the flow of life and keep observing and interpreting the signals.

    It had been 2 years and I was setting out in my comfort zone. So, after a lot of considerations I decided to pursue an MBA because it provide a holistic perspective of the business world alongside overall professional development. By the way, a lot of people opine or are confused over the need of doing MBA for acquiring business skills but what MBA does is, it cut short the time required to acquire those skills with minimal risk. I started preparing for the entrance exams and aspired to get into ABC (I believe MBA aspirants are quite familiar with this notation). I appeared for CAT and other exams but as the life doesn’t go always the way you want, I flunked in CAT verbal section and could convert IIFT Kolkata, SIBM Pune and NMIMS, Mumbai. I was confused initially but then after thorough analysis I chose NMIMS, Mumbai over others owing to the location advantage of Mumbai (believe me it’s a big thing), admission only on merit basis without any reservation, rich history of college and well known faculties. I would suggest appear for other entrance exams, you never know what future holds and you don’t want to regret later.

    Learning number 2: Never put all your eggs in one basket.

    I was now into the one of the best MBA colleges of the country and still undecided on my specialization among Marketing, Finance, Operations. Although I was inclined towards Finance but didn’t want to take the risk of choosing something which I would not enjoy doing my whole life. So I started exploring the fields through the curriculum subjects, speaking with seniors, industry experts and certifications such as NCFM and FLIP. After thorough analysis I decided to go for finance and make a career in it. Then I appeared for CFA Level 1 exam in December 2015 and CFA Level2 in June 2016 and cleared both of them in first attempt. I was advised it would be too early and hectic to appear for CFA alongside rigorous MBA curriculum but it never appeared grilling to me and I was enjoying it fully. I am also appearing for Level 3 in June 2017. Therefore, I would recommend to meticulously choose your specialization in MBA and I bet you will enjoy.

    Learning number 3: Do what you love and you will never feel like working

    After entering into MBA there is this buzzword you would hear everywhere from everyone and believe me it’s one of the most important things that would help you not only during MBA but also throughout the life. Things that helps build my network are interacting with seniors, peers in different clubs of the college, alum meetings and many more things. I would suggest you to interact as much as possible with people and participate in lot of competitions with different people as it would provide you great learning with networking.

    Learning number 4: Build your Network!

    Since it would be last stint of my education I want to make the best of it and enjoy every aspect of it to the fullest. It’s a hell lot of competition during these two years of MBA but don’t forget to party, go on outings, birthday celebrations, chitchats in cafeterias. Time management is the important for MBA if you want to enjoy your life during this period. I compete with my peers but all in healthy spirit as these are the memories with friends that I would cherish throughout my life.

    Learning number 5: Manage your time well and make friends!

    When I look back at all these events I realize that everything that the life is doing to you has a purpose which sooner or later you will realize. In my case, doing engineering and job thereafter broadened my horizon of thinking and then MBA has and still providing with thrilling experiences. While thinking all this I was finished with my coffee and realized how sometimes little things makes you introspect. It was 5 pm and a ping on a WhatsApp group brought me back (believe me there are truckloads of WhatsApp group during MBA) I went back on assignment to survive yet another deadline!


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