Internship Experience With Disney India - Anwesa Nanda, TISS HRM & LR

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    Anwesa Nanda is pursuing her Master's Degree in HRM & LR at prestigious TISS, Mumbai ( 2015 - 2017 batch )

    It was the frenetic day in September 2015 when I had the interview with Disney India. It was more of a conversation than interview. They asked me on my resume, field work projects that I was working on and a host of other questions. I now realize that each question they asked was related to the projects we were given.

    The D-Day arrived. A group of nine interns from four different campuses joined Disney India on April 4th 2016. The first day was devoted to the induction process. It started with a brief history of The Walt Disney Company (TWDC), the various lines of business, and the varied geographies it which it operates and the key people in the company. We were shown around the office and it happened to be one of the creative workplaces. A treasure hunt followed and I was a part of winning team. We were introduced to our mentors in the latter half of the first day and work ensued.

    The projects were well defined and my mentor took special interest in addressing my concerns about it. I worked under the direct supervision of L&D Head of Disney India. She helped me dissect the assignments into sizeable portions and work on each of them one by one. I got the chance to interact with L&D heads of 6 different geographies of TWDC, Talent Heads of around 11 different Indian companies in the course of my project. I gained an idea of how people processes are intricately related to business as well as areas like finance and law. It was a roller coaster ride where surprises sprung every other day and I had to make changes in the plan. I shared my experiences with the HR Director, Disney India and she was eager to know about my previous field work projects. I did a small presentation for her and it was well received. My mentor was instrumental in pointing out my strengths and areas of improvement throughout the internship.

    Goodies kept pouring in at regular intervals - gift coupons for “The Jungle Book” and an exclusive pass to the musical “Beauty and the Beast” were icing on the cake. I remember watching “Saving Mr Banks” in the first week of the internship as a part of the induction process. A collection of Marvel posters, Disney pins and the like adorn my room now.

    We also had a chance to participate in events like “HR Townhall”, “Learning Series” which were regular activities of HR department of Disney India. Interns were treated like full time employees during the course of two months. We asked inputs for our projects from employees in various domains. It was great to talk to graph designers, live entertainment team members – people who we would not have met in other regular companies. We formed great bonds with fellow interns from other campuses as well. We had an event called “Disney Beginnings” – the induction event for new employees of Disney India. It was a daylong event with sessions peppered with fun activities.

    Lunches, dinners and impromptu parties were the norm. Perhaps one of the best parts of the internship was celebrity spotting. At Disney India, we managed to click a groupie with Ranbir Kapoor. We had many meetings with Siddharth Roy Kapoor as a part of CEO interaction series. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday during the internship. My team left no stone unturned to celebrate it in true Disney style – with cake, card, tiara and a birthday song.

    It felt great to intern at Disney India. With magic and pixie dust. Quite literally!

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