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    Are you planning to join an IIM and is all packed and set for the coveted course ? Do you know what Juice means in IIM A or RGgiri means in IIM B or Fatleez means in IIM C ? If not don't worry. This article debugs some of the cryptic lingo used in our renowned Business schools. As the adage goes, When in IIM, Speak like them! ;)

    IIM A lingo - Credits Deepak Mehta, IIM Ahmedabad ( 2011 - 13)


    "Any concept based on random verbiage that does not merit the time spent on learning and can be derived by the user based on his own life experience and can be presented in a obfuscated manner to appear as intelligent."


    "A collective noun used to refer to the collection of poor, tormented souls studying in the first year. Poor kids working their asses off 20 hours a day and still getting it kicked by Professors and recruiters alike. Miserable beings who survive for months on a week's worth of sleep. Wretched people surrounded by a barrage of assignments, surprise tests, corporate presentations, CVs, interviews and haunted by nightmares of not landing a job or flunking a subject.

    Used mostly in a sympathetic tone, "Bechara fachcha (Poor firstie)" but sometimes in a disparaging manner too, "Ch***ye, fachcha hai tu. Zyada bakwaas na kar." (A*****e! You are a firstie. Shut the f**k up!)"


    "At the opposite end of the spectrum, that seemingly elusive stature that every fachch(i) craves for. An honor, a title bestowed upon half the batch who have successfully crossed the year long chasm of suffering and have earned their right to a good night's party every day of the year. On a productivity scale of 1 to 10, tuchcha(i)s provide the lower reference point."


    "The sarve-sarva (Allfather) of the dorm. The baap/maa title is a desert mirage. It isn't an honor. It's a responsibility. Of 30+ students (kids)."

    Tempo shout:

    "The unofficial proceeding undertaken by various dorms at various points in time wherein, in a inane, primordial display of power, the denizens of a dorm roam the entire campus, stopping in the front of other dorms, bellowing at their top of their voices, to affirm their superiority and dominance. Kinda like the Ashvamedha of IIMA."


    "The holy den of smokers and chai lovers. Nobody on campus says, "Let's go for a smoke/cup of tea" but "Rambhai chal" (Come to Rambhai). Also a great place for general bakar (see below), stimulating discussions, philosophical musings and life discourse"


    Mindless, senseless banter.


    "Any proclamation of undying love for another person communicated over the internet, usually as a mail sent to the entire batch, occasionally resulting in some frustrated first year cramming for upcoming exams complaining to the warden. The proclamation usually in the form of a "poetry" that would make Robert Frost and Rabindranath Tagore squirm in their graves. Almost always sent by good Samaritan/wing-man when the actual Romeo is in an inebriated state."


    "Shorthand for Blackbook. The holy grail every person is searching for. The 42 of IIMA (Answer to Finance, Marketing and becoming a gold medallist)."


    "Shorthand for remedial classes - the only classes some people attend. Usually witness a jam packed lecture hall and taken by a nerd in glasses who should be doing a course on Theoretical Physics rather than an MBA. Raises the average GPA of the batch by 0.1"

    IIM B Lingo - Credits Geet Amrit, IIM Bangalore (2016 -17)


    The PGP1s or the 1st year students who arrive at the campus with the sole aim of studying and making the best out of IIM Bangalore. Though they plan to enjoy every moment of their life at IIMB but end up with hours of lectures, tons of assignments, projects, exams, quizzes, resume preparation, attending PPTs and surviving with the hope that “This too shall pass”.


    A simple opinion that is recorded/castigated in the most exaggerated way possible that it does not have any value addition and make no justice to the inestimable time utilized on coming up with such beguiling writings/orating in order to showcase as a person with an intellect mind.

    In simple words reading/listening to this euphoric writings one will come up with this punch line “Arrey bhai, Aakhir kehna kya chahte ho”

    Bhai Sahab

    This is the IIMB way of saying “Oh! My God”


    A collective noun used for a group of students irrespective of caste,creed,religion, gender,section and club.


    Unplanned and Impromptu discussion that can start at anywhere in the campus and over anything. Bakars mostly cover the burning topics on and off the campus and it is the best way to kill your time if you are getting bored.

    PnE, AK, Athicas, Amul, ABP and NC

    The fast food and snack joints present in and around the campus that serve sandwiches,milkshakes,rolls,dosa,vada etc.. and most importantly Coffee, Red-bull and Maggi.(Let me tell you these three are very much important to survive a report/assignment submission, quizzes and exams). These food joints also help the students in satisfying their hunger when the mess food turns out to be horrible.


    Remember "Life is a race,If you don't run fast you will be like a broken Andaa"...The speech by Virus was given at this place...The L-Square. L-square is the place which one will come across moment after entering the old hostel blocks. B'day celebration, Street plays. Dance, Music,Drama,Unplugged evenings etc. you will find all sorts of happenings at L-square.

    If you are in a celebration mood just come to L-square. We are known for our famous L-square parties

    There are two stories behind the nomenclature of this space.

    1st Story:

    This small courtyard is surrounded by Hostel Blocks A,B and E. ABE was the shortened name of US President Abraham Lincoln and hence the name Lincoln Square or L-Square.

    2nd Story:

    If you get to have a look at this courtyard from the top it basically looks like a large L with staircase leading to a square. This resulted in the naming of the place as L-Square.

    BEFG Square

    Surrounded by Hostel blocks B,E,F and G, this is the place which is famous for gully cricket among section mates and block mates.


    EPGP lounge is the place where most of the brainstorming sessions take place from project group discussions to case study preparation. This is the place which has more crowd gathering than the ‘Kumbh Mela’ during group submissions, presentations, assignments and quizzes.


    If you are at IIMB, life is all about relative grading but this is something that the entire student fraternity condemn the most. RGgiri is getting involved in all sorts of mischievous and vexatious deeds in order to get a few extra marks in exams and quizzes in comparison with fellow batch mates.


    Class Participation (CP) is basically putting forward your opinion on a topic/case being discussed during a lecture and when it turns to a desperate one just to get a few extra marks it is called Desperate Class Participation (DCP).

    Light lo/Chill maar

    When you feel that you have completed everything and someone pops up in between with a new idea then the only word that comes at that moment is ‘Light lo’ or ‘Chill maar’. This is just another way of saying that we have achieved ‘nirvana’.

    Kya Scene Hai ?

    If you are at IIMB then this is how you ask “What are your plans?”

    Macha dena/Macha diya

    When you want to wish someone good luck then rather than saying All the best or Best of Luck just say ‘Macha dena’ and trust me guys this always helps to boost the performance twofold.

    When someone achieves a remarkable feat then to acknowledge his/her endeavor a slightly different version is used that is ‘Macha diya’.

    IIM C Lingo - Credits Rajul Nema, IIM Calcutta ( 2014 - 16) /  Abhishek Nagaraj, IIM Calcutta ( 2008 - 10)

    Globe (n, adj)

    Used to denote the non-specificity of a certain comment. Globe typically includes statements which are true in all conditions, or statements which are vague and impertinent to the question at hand.

    Usage: When the prof. asks, “What are the implications of this particular policy” an answer like “While this policy could herald a new dawn into the country’s future while there exists the possibility of it failing. A careful study needs to be undertaken to assess the pros and cons and then apt and timely decisions need to be taken for this policy to be successful”. This term can also be used as an adjective ““ “Yaar, Bahut Globe paper tha”

    Bakar (n)

    This is used to denote arbitrary talk mostly among friends that consumes most of the time of the residents of Joka. Bakar typically happens for the whole night particularly among jobless members of various hostels.

    Usage: “Yaar, kal raat bakar karke baithe hue the”

    Geela (adj)

    Given the skewed sex ratio at IIM, this adjective is a form of putting a social price on trying to woo a member of the fairer sex. Depending on who is using it, this term would be applied to an individual who is mostly found talking to members of the aforementioned gender.

    Usage: “Woh banda to confirmed geela hai” or “Aisi geeli harkatein karna chod de”

    Aandozz/Machandozzz (interj.)

    Aandozz literally means “bring it on”. Used to signal the coming of a new challenge. Machandozz is used by other people who are wishing good luck to the people saying Aaandozzz. Machandozz is also used after someone has performed commendably as encouragement. Again the number of “zzz” will indicate degree.


    “XL meet aandozzz”

    “Guys, go kick their ass. Machandozzzz!”


    Used to indicate disagreement with someone or something. Typically the guilty party is asked to be “putlaked”. Also used as a celebratory gesture to celebrate birthdays and pre-placement offers.

    Usage: “Putlake Arjun Singh. He’s spoiled our entire system” or “Putlake admin”

    Putcrack / Putfight(v)

    Used as encouragement before an important event.

    Usage: “Best of luck for the case. Putcrack!”


    Used to indicate a dire situation.

    Usage: “yaar, merit toh class mein fatleez ho gayi hai. Kuch bhi samajh nahi aa raha”


    Used to indicate how lame a particular situation/comment is. The more the number of “ssss” the more stupid it is.

    Usage: “Yaar less jokes mat mar”

    The Academic Ones

    DP/CP (abbr.)

    Stands for “desperate participation” and “class participation”. While classroom participation means commenting in a way which takes the discussion forward and more importantly gets you a better grade, desperate participation typically comes from a middle-to-backbencher who feels his grade is slipping away and needs to absolutely establish his presence.

    Usage: “Yaar itna DP mat maar.”

    Freerider (n)

    Member of a group who shoulder little to no responsibility. Such members are soon ratted out and frowned upon by the more hard-working members of the group. The best freeriders are those who escape from being labelled as one.

    Usage: “We don’t want any freeriders in our group”.


    CAMS (abbr)

    Stands for “Can’t Agree More”. It is used to indicate agreement with a previous statement. The more the number of trailing “sss…” the more is the agreement.


    A: “I think Sachin should’ve played the T20 world cup”

    B: “CAMssssss”


    Stands for “hajaar thanks in advance”. To be used on the bulletin board while asking for answers to a particular question that is bugging you, or a particular software that you need.

    Usage: “Does anyone know how to mail-merge in office? ~htia”

    chocs and mishtis assured

    Used while asking for a favour, typically as a reward for lost things on the bulletin board. This is typically an area for your creative energies and you can promise other things too.


    “Guys I’ve lost my calculator. Anyone who can find it please call me!

    ~chocs and mishits assured”

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