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    Apoorv Ashutosh is currently pursuing his PGDM at IIM Ranchi (2015 - 2017 batch) and he did his B Tech (CS) from West Bengal University of Technology. Along with his Management studies, Apoorv takes keen interest in Competitive Programming and Short film making.

    During my engineering days, clearing the selection process and getting into an IIM was the sum total of my ambition. I used to think that getting into such a hallowed institution is the hardest and most important step, and once you get in, that is it. But then, they say, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And I have, alongside so many others, found out, getting into IIM Ranchi is only the beginning. The selection process will quite possibly be the easiest and straightforward step you will take for the next few years.

    Because it is only later that the story begins. Someone once said, the best journeys are the ones you never begin. They just happen to you. As I basked in the glory of achieving what I had been living for, for the last year and a half, IIM Ranchi began its magic spell. A journey that still continues, and what a journey it has been!

    The induction program was my first peek at IIM Ranchi. It was a wonderful week (the program was conducted over a fortnight, but I joined late), and I had the most fun I have had in quite some time. A gracious welcome full of dance, drama and music. And then began our classes.

    It is very different, to be a part of such a prestigious post-graduate course for the first time in your life. In our class, we have people who worked in companies we used to dream of, who graduated from some of the most reputed institutes in the country, and had worked in the industry for almost a decade. It was the most diverse group and mix you can encounter, from all parts of the country, and yet, the most welcoming bunch ever. It seems to be a part of IIM Ranchi culture – it does not matter who you are, where you are from, you can walk up to anyone and ask for help regarding just about anything. Be batch mates, seniors or faculty, it does not matter. Classes here are so interactive, we almost always run past our hour and a half mark.

    It’s not all fun and frolic though. Ask anyone who’s been through the IIM system – there is a reason why the selection process is so rigorous and selective. While faculty are extremely helpful and ready to answer questions, it is really all up to you. The course load is enormous – trust me on this. Work needs to be done. Assignments need to be submitted. Presentations must be presented. There are guest lectures to attend. And, in case you did not know, deadlines are sacrosanct. Exams are the least of your worries for the majority of the term – there are always pending reports, upcoming surprise quizzes and group projects that require your attention. Placement processes will also go on – you need to prepare and be on top of your game for them as well.

    But that is where I find IIM Ranchi unbelievable. It’s absolutely stunning how we deal with these pressures at this place. There are stress-busters, club activities and so many other things to do. I think some of the best times I have spent in the last year have been in our music room, attending another evening of “Blow the Mic” organized by our Cultural Committee. It doesn’t matter if it runs into the wee hours of the morning – you simply wouldn’t want to leave. Then there’s all the celebrations. The DJ, the dancing, bonfires during winter. Plus, it just gives an excuse for some of our ‘non-mirror cracking’ fraternity to break out the suitcase and dress up some.

    And there’s the fests. Agon, our management fest, Rush, the sports and cultural fest, and Radix, the annual business conclave. It was awesome, during last year’s Rush, when I went backstage on the final day to find the people from TVF, some of my favorite artists, just sitting there, ready to go onstage and perform. Or to find some of the world’s best and biggest brains explaining the intricacies of their arena at Radix. Words simply cannot do justice to the feeling you have then.

    There is so much more I have not mentioned in this little piece. From the beauty of Ranchi to the absolutely awesome hostels we have (just come and pay us a visit, or maybe Google “IIM Ranchi Hostel”). There are the brilliant faculty from all round the country, from all b-schools that visit us. And the great battles that Futsal and the Ranchi Premier League witness. We have a record in contests, both corporate and b-school level. And this record is a point of pride with us. I could write so much more, and it would barely begin to describe what IIM Ranchi has come to mean for me in the last one year. There’s just so much more.

    And that is my last word. You will have fun here. You will work, you will struggle, and yet, you will never be bored. Trust me, IIM Ranchi is not just an institution. It is an experience. An experience that has to be lived, not read about. So join us, we are a very welcoming lot. Hope to see you with us soon.

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