Success Mantra from a CAT topper

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    Siva Surya Teja was among the eight CAT 2013 toppers who scored a 100 percentile. He is currently pursuing his PGDM from IIM Calcutta. Siva completed his engineering from JNTU Anantapur and worked with Infosys for two and a half years. He loves numbers and poetry.

    I believe everyone has a different opinion & strategy when it comes to CAT and there is absolutely no difference above 99.75+ according to me. Briefly about my stint with CAT, I have written CAT exam for 4 times and scored 100 in my last attempt. However, my serious attempts were only the last two. Coming to my prep, I haven't joined any coaching or attended any classes, worked on my own.

    For me, preparation was brushing up my fundamentals in QA and solving as many mocks as possible. I believed that if i solve 30 mocks completely with analysis, I will score the maximum. I took online test series of TIME & IMS and attempted 2 mocks  per week. I used to write after my office in the night or in the morning on the weekdays. My analysis of mocks is equally important to solving the mock test. On an average it took me 5 hours for every mock exam and I took care that i don't repeat the same mistake again.

    Compete with yourself and you don't need to worry about the competition. 

    But my suggestion to anyone trying to bell the CAT is enjoy the exam. When I look back now, I enjoyed all the exams I have written. The adrenaline rush, solving problems, trying my luck with VA (:P), trying to maximize my accuracy, attempts - I enjoyed all of it. I believe that's the driving factor for anything. Enjoy what you are doing, don't think too long into the future. And when you're preparing for something, it doesn't mean that you have to cut off ties or stop enjoying, parties etc. I watched movies every single week during my CAT prep just like I do in any other time. That doesn't mean I was not preparing. Enjoy your life for those days will never come back.

    Finally be confident on the D-day. Don't think about those concepts which you're not comfortable with. No one is comfortable with all the topics. Just make sure you are happy with the effort you put in.

    And your current college or education have no role to play in your CAT score. Don't get disheartened seeing all the IIT'ians or the NIT'ians in top percentilers. I am from JNTU, ANANTAPUR . If I can do it, anyone can do it for sure.

    My 2 cents have become more than that. Hope it helps !!

    P.S. : CAT is a very easy and most hyped exam. Don't get carried away by all the things said by the coaching institutes. Loads of books, all the assignments nothing really matters if you are confident about your basics and yourself. All the best !!

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