Rendezvous with a mandevian - Ayush Gupta, MDI Gurgaon

  • Ayush Gupta did his MBA from prestegious MDI, Gurgaon. He served as the student secretary of Delphique, annual management convention of MDI. He has worked as a VA trainer and a software engineer prior to his stint in MDI. He loves reading and writing and has written various articles on HR management and MBA in general.

    I have always loved campus gates of colleges for they have been testimonies to anticipations, apprehensions, happiness, sadness and what not. They have seen dreaming eyes and moist eyes simultaneously for one batch goes out to give way to the incoming batch. I turned back to see that gate one last time as a student, that one last time as a student to see a reflection of mine getting into that gate two years back. A series of images started to flow in front of my eyes. I saw myself getting in the campus with millions of dreams and anxieties in me. Screwing my ass for two years, innumerous mocks, discussions, interviews to get into a top ranked college; the dream was getting real right in - front of my eyes. The first scene that was in front of my eyes was the bunch of students rushing towards the academic block with a bite in their mouth, one hand having a sandwich and the other one barely holding the books. I was not scared for this one time I was ready to get grilled, get screwed. Induction started for the batch and the session started early in the morning with back to back classes and then the batch being handed over to students’ council for some further induction. Clubs, Committees, SIG’s, formal, informal activities – the introduction by the senior team ran for hours and the whole batch sat there pondering about the days ahead, and I was engrossed in the deep thought that how can one do all these activities in the space of 24 hours where academics have to be given so much of priority. After all, this was the campus where the whole batch had an average CAT percentile of 98.5+. All of them had been either toppers or were vindicated for their past sins by an awesome CAT score. Looking around in the auditorium, I saw some nerd faces, some blank faces while some had a mischievous smile floating. One thing that came across was the sheer absence of the fairer sex... (All thanks to the IIM’s for their criteria)…and there went my dream of creating a story similar to “2 States” or doubling of my avg. package once I graduate.

    The induction week passed in a jiffy and an official way of “Mandevian” welcome embraced us(more on this to be kept secret as a part of legacy) and the classes started, albeit this time I was the one rushing to classrooms with closing the zip of my pant as the last thing in my mind. Clubs and committees selection process mails, night sessions, interviews and presentations were something I had not even dreamt of. But here I was, doing every bit of mine, running from blocks to blocks, reading case studies that ran up to pages that mathematics could fail to count. Now to a typical engineer, it is difficult to understand how one can get into a class scheduled at 9’ o clock at 9’ o clock…and then full attendance. The fact was affirmed to me time and time again when I saw the gate thrashed on my face. No bunks, no messing up with senior professors was something that was taken very seriously. Here I was keeping an excel of the number of classes I had attended in the trimester. And as soon we started to get used to the system, the dreaded summer placements were here. Before that, all the exaggeration of all my achievements was taken to a different level. A “flush” in the washroom was quoted as “instrumental in keeping the environment clean by decomposing of a waste”…a college fest certificate was quoted as something that taught me leadership skills that could change the future of the company I would join in.

    Anyways, the summer placement week saw some of the brilliant minds breaking down in tears, friendships forged, break ups, fights for a CV point and yet again the batch celebration as the whole batch signed out in style. The post placement time was all euphoric for this was the time for festivities, college fests, management conventions and some real fun filled trips and expeditions to be counted for.

    The end of the hectic first year saw the farewell to an amazing batch with our batch heading to various parts of the country and world for our internships. Some amazing internship experience and the batch was back to the missed campus in jubilation of graduating to the senior batch. The excitement was same, albeit the tables were in a reverse order where we sat in the auditorium facing the whole batch as the part of senior students’ council. Apprehensive faces filled with the joy of making it to a prestigious business school filled the campus. And then it was our turn to welcome the junior batch in a typical Mandevian style. As the junior batch was officially inducted, the senior batch was gradually getting back to the serious mode of studies, competitions, quizzes and the formation of junior teams for various clubs. The year was repeated though it was a little less hectic this time around, but there was no end to the burning of midnight oils. Come December, and the batch was deep immersed for their careers – the final placements. Companies started to flock in, there were some happy faces, shirts being torn, bumps, celebrations while the batch started to get placed one by one. The memories were made, friendships fostered more, and further longer trips planned in February. And here as I wait for the journey back home, I see my parent shaking me to bring me back to the present day. As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I muttered the line “Mandevian for Life”.

    As I sit here and type this a few learning that I had during my stay at MDI are to not to expect too much. It is a different world from an engineering college, your graduation college where you would get friends but largely acquaintances. Yes, you’ll find some great hearts among some great minds of this country, but at the end of the day I came to know that a graduation college gives your friends for life, a business school gives you a career for life. There will be few hiccups for your stay but take them with a pinch of salt. Remember, the first job is just your first job whereas your career will span for a longer time. Believe in living your stay in your college for the small memories that you would create are the one you are going to look back and smile. And yes, you need to be a part of a business school to live that life. It is very different as perceived by the aspirants, but totally worth it.

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