Last week tips for CAT

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    Krishna Prasad cracked CAT 2014 with a score of 99.6 percentile and he is currently pursuing his MBA from Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. He did his BTech from NITTE university, Mangalore and has worked in Industrial management domain for an year prior to his MBA.

    For CAT exam this tips might come late. What I did during the last week was just revise the concepts and read fiction and nonfiction. This will definitely help in verbal ability part. This year the number of question has increased so I would expect the questions to be easier. Concentrate more on Accuracy and speed rather than the number of attempts. If you are not thorough with any mathematical concept don’t start now. Concentrate what you know.

    Number, probability, permutation and combinations, geometry, time and work, mixtures and alligations profit and loss, distance problem should be the focus areas for quant. Although last year, some papers it was unusually trigonometry heavy. Percentages is an easy enough concept but if you are not confident then this can be time consuming. Same goes with quadratic equations too. It is better to go with trial and method for equations rather than solving it. For this your calculation skills need to be good.  Data interpretation generally comes in medium to easy level of difficulty so try to score more in that part. Preferably get all right in DI. This needs practice and these kinds of problems you can try to solve even now. But don’t study or solve calculation heavy quant now since you will simply be more stressed out.

    Allot appropriate time for both sections. This year there is no restriction on time you spend on each section but that doesn’t mean you spend a disproportionate time on quant. It happens regularly in XAT which has no restriction on section time that people get 99%ile in quant but barely 80%ile in verbal. So don’t make that mistake. Be smart and utilize your time efficiently.

    For verbal and logical reasoning you need to be good in English. If you haven’t studied much thinking that this part will be easy, its time you start now. This part can again be studied in the last week. So read more newspapers, literature and basics of grammar. Practice is the most important thing in this part. When you read a paragraph, normally the most important stuff will be in the first and last parts. The middle ones are generally not so important. Remember this is just what happens regularly; they might change and give the important part in the middle as well. Also whatever given in the paragraph is true, so don’t try to bring in outside knowledge. Try to read thoroughly the first time so that you don’t go back to the paragraph for every question. And make notes simultaneously when you read.

    This is what helped me during my CAT preparation in the last week; hopefully it will help others as well. The last week is the most important week. Try not to fall sick or have any other distractions, when you enter the exam hall you should be calm and peaceful so better sleep 8 hours per day in the last week.

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