How to go about mock test analysis


    With the advent of mocks for the season, I see a lot of aspirants getting frustrated with their mock scores and getting depressed about their potential and their success in final CAT. A common advice goes to everyone out there to take this score with a pinch of salt. For all of us, this was the first mock and as a rule you all are allowed to screw this one. You are allowed to make every mistake in this mock. After-all a mock is designed to tell you your shortcomings. Isn’t it?

    Let us accept the fact that for all first timers, this was the first time they were exposed to anything that resembled CAT. A lot of us have not even completed bulk of our syllabus so if you left a Para-jumble question because you did not study it in your classroom, we’ll take it.

    Now the important question is that how does this score impacts your preparation. How to go about the score? But important things first i.e. how do you analyse a mock?

    Shut your eyes on the score and sit with that mock right now. An effective mock analysis should span for around 4-5 hours ideally. It does sounds taxing, but then better to make mistakes now than to make them in actual CAT.

    For now, once you sit with the mock, classify the questions broadly into three categories:-

    1) A category – For the questions that you left because you had no idea about them. This could happen because of two reasons:

     a) You haven’t studied the concept which works for now.

     b) You had no idea of the question despite the fact that you know that the topic has been   discussed in the classroom. In other words, you forgot the concept completely.

    Remedial measure: Go back to basics, revise the fundamentals and practice a few sectional tests on the topic.

    2) B category – Questions that you knew concept for but somehow you could not recall them because of either “panic” or “you could not recall the concept because of the death clock on your screen”.

    Remedial measure: You do not go the fundamentals yet again, but what you need to do is to practice some sectional tests under strict time limits so as to work on your panicking state and make sure that the concepts are deep rooted in your psyche.

    3) C category – The most important category where a 2+3 was answered as 6 because you were careless enough to screw it or you were over excited for the reason that you got this one right after such an arduous effort. But did you? And back at your home screen when you stare at your screen, you feel frustrated because these 3 marks could have increased your chances of shifting your honeymoon from Mussorie to Mauritius.

    Remedial Measure: Nothing really, you know the fundamentals. You applied them well but what you need to work on is your excitement and maintain your calm and composure while ticking an option.  (I have seen a lot of students ticking a wrong option despite getting a right answer).

    At the end of the classifications, you know where to work on and how to work on. Please make sure that you attempt all your mocks in a strict time frame (goes for the non invigilated mocks as well) and once you are done with the analysis, attempt it once again under the same time conditions.

    Remember, do not over – burn yourself by attempting a lot of mocks in a week. Attempt a mock once in 3-4 days and never ever miss out on a proper analysis.

    Ping me (Ayush Gupta) in case you are in need of further clarifications regarding anything.

    Happy cracking..! :)

    Ayush Gupta ( MDI - HR )

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