Five (plus one) mistakes an MBA aspirant should never make - Prachi Gera, MDI Gurgaon

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    Prachi Gera, fondly known as Dr (after all she is a BDS) represents the new breed of non conventional Doc+MBA combination in India. Pursuing her post graduation from MDI, you can find her writing and helping aspirants if not indulged in academics

    MBA College is termed as the journey of our life. A journey that will change us and our pay cheques forever (ah! one can hope you know). But before we embark on the journey there are major hurdles inthe way, the much coveted CAT/XAT exams and the dreaded GD/ PI/ WAT and whatever they feel like throwing at us. In this one year you’ll end up facing so many highs and lows (keeping in mind that serious prep starts from June -July and the fact that CAT ain’t the end of things, the process continues till the college session starts, till then you’ll face numerous interviews, abuse the system a million times and then endless wait for the waitlists (I’m still waiting on mine. Sigh!! ) So try not making these mistakes that most of us usually do .

    1. Over/under analysing mocks

    Mocks are serious business. Mock scores should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you’re scoring well, keep at it, try not to get overconfident (most people do.. air of single digit can do that to u). But if the scores seem low don’t let them break you. Remember that mock scores will not decide your actual performance. The most important thing is to analyse them and look for gaps in your preparation.

    2. College forms

    “I will never score that high, I shouldn't fill that college form” or “That college ain't worth me, I won’t apply there”

    How many times we hear such things over and over again. You can never predict your CAT/XAT percentile. I don’t care even ifyou’re a psychic, you just can’t!! Do not under/overestimate yourself - Justfill the damn forms. I am not asking you to fill every college form. But it’sbetter to make a list of target colleges keeping your profile and work ex inmind. Also be realistic, I know every single student wants to be in an IIM but that’s exactly the point, not every student will eventually land there. So instead of ending up with shattered dreams and year end you decide you don’t want to do this again or your job sucks way too much, it’s better to keep some back up colleges in mind.

    3. Every exam is important

    Yes, each and every one of them. Most students just focus on CAT (of course the IIM dream) but then you would miss the opportunity of being in some really good colleges and with the IIMs giving so much weightage to academics, it becomes all the more important to focus on other exams as well like IIFT, TISS, XAT, SNAP, NMAT and so many more. Keep working on your G.K, vocab and decision making even though Cat doesn't have question from these.  And don’t stop after you are done with CAT, that’s not the time to lay back and relax. Your prep should be geared up even more.

    4. The quintessential psychological barrier

    “I will never be able to score in VA” – howwill you if you keep repeating that to yourself always. Even without realising we put up these psychological barriers in front of us. I know verbal section is a nightmare for many students (especially engineers..  oops :P ). But there are so many ways to attempt that sections, so many tips and tricks to use and like any other section with regular practice a decent percentile is achievable. But what needs maximum is our own fear of it. Also a better percentile in this section will boost your overall percentile that quant will, so it needs all the more attention.

    5. Academic scores

    So you messed up your 10th and were too busy preparing for JEE and AIEEE or other exams that you messed up your 12thtoo but now you’ll avenge everything by getting into an IIM.. yeah well..Easier thought then done. With all major IIMs giving weightage to academic scores we are tainted for life. But is that a reason enough for not even trying?? Absolutely not!! Let’s face it, there are some things we really can’t change and cribbing about it and ranting about it is just a waste of energy.Just get it over it, work on your percentile, if nothing works.. you’ll at-least be proud of your own scores.

    6. This is the most important piece of advice you’ll ever get. So stop whatever you’re doing and listen up closely.

    Don’t fall in love.. just don’t. It will messup your prep like nothing else. So at least wait till CAT/XAT to propose to that really beautiful girl you kept staring at in the coaching class or your office.. and that handsome hunk you couldn't get your eyes off can seriously wait. Wait till you can afford that expensive honeymoon or that dowry money :P



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