Keep Calm, Pre Interview Test /Personal Interview is coming!

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    Congratulations to everyone who has cleared the first step towards securing a place in Human Recourse Management and Labour Relations at TISS, Mumbai.

    But, the battle is only half won and this is not the time to put your guard down. Instead, it is time to move forward with more force, resilience and intent.
    The institute believes in second chances and that is why its selection process is very different from all the other B-schools across the nation. It doesn’t matter if you have just cleared TISSNET by a whisker or a huge margin, the performance in PIT & PI will decide whether your name will be on that final list or not.
    Before I move any forward, I would like to touch upon certain points and bust certain myths.
    Does the candidate need a background in Human Resources?
    No, this is not necessary. But, we do expect that the candidate should have some aptitude for Human Resources.
    Can language be a barrier and prove to be a reason for rejection?
    The quality of thoughts and the clarity of communication matters, not the mode of communication.
    It doesn’t matter which background the candidate is coming from- Arts, Science, Engineering, Medical or anything else. The only thing which matters in the selection or rejection of a candidate is what his/her purpose of getting an admission into TISS is and how it shapes his/her future.
    The selection criteria endeavors to be free from all the biases and it objectively assesses the candidate’s fitment to the course.
    Now, moving towards the part for which this very article is written.
    Note: This is based on what I have experienced during the process last year and analysis of the same. I hope it will help you all in preparing to the best of your abilities for the upcoming round.

    Pre Interview Test:-

    Last year, we were given two topics and asked to select one of the topics as a group and frame an essay on the same. Post that, the group was asked to discuss among ourselves on the same topic.
    The topics can be from diverse areas, so it is better to read current news regarding different domains mainly Business, World Economy, and World Politics etc.

    Blunders Which Should Be Avoided: -

    • Always take some time before you start writing. Usually we are under so much pressure that we start writing without giving it a thought and then it becomes too late to rectify our mistake.
    • Neither be too aggressive nor keep quiet. If you lie in any of these extremes, then you will only help the discussion in becoming a fish market or a funeral.
    • Keep your point crisp and don’t beat around the bush

    Tools Which Could Help: -

    • A tool which I personally find very effective during such assessments is S.P.E.L.T analysis.
    S - Social

    P- Political

    E - Environment

    L - Legal

    T – Technical

    Try to think about the topic on these five lines and you will have ample points to put forward.

    • Try to back your points up with examples and data.

    Personal Interview: -

    • Interview differs from candidate to candidate. No two interviews can be same, hence refrain from getting intimidated by the candidates who might have had their interview just before you. Mostly, interview questions are based on answers you have written in your Detailed Application Form (DAF).
    • Brush up your graduation subjects. There is a high probability that those might be asked. Even candidates with work experience should have an idea about the subjects which might be related to their domain at work.
    • For candidates having work experience, they should be ready to answer question regarding the role of Human Resource in their particular Industry or place of work
    • Read about ongoing developments in the field of HR.
    • Lastly be prepared to answer questions related to your hobbies. This area should be your forte because these are your hobbies and having a deep knowledge about them will be a plus point.

    Wishing You All The Best !!!

    About the Author:

    Tushar Kaul is a first year student of Human Resources Management and Labour Relations at TISS, Mumbai. He is a big foodie, and in his free time he enjoys playing tennis, cooking and cycling.

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