How to not let TISS PIT bury you into a pit

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    First of all, congratulations on not getting caught by the TISSNET! The next level beckons you now…
    As you move ahead for your further preparations, it is very important to understand that TISSNET is more of a hygiene factor (Here begins your Organization Behaviour preparation) to get into TISS.
    TISS is a unique institution so your preparation for the PIT should be customised for the institution. In order to excel at the PIT, it is very important to understand that TISS is a philosophy first and an institution later. The TISS philosophy celebrates uniqueness and welcomes home harbingers of social change.
    It is in this vein that you should prepare your DAF, essay, GD and interview. After TISSNET, the shortlisted applicants are asked to write a DAF (Detailed Application Form). For many aspirants, writing the DAF and preparing for PIT/PI is more of a self-exploration process. Instead of looking at the DAF as just a form, you should reflect intently on why you are taking a particular course and your expectations from that course.
    Top-class placements can be the motive to pursue a course, but the intent to pursue a course like TISS HRM must emerge from more solid and intrinsic reasons.
    An MBA aspirant is also a potential leader. TISS specifically looks for people who know themselves well and have some clarity about their past acts and future actions.
    Here is a small 5 step exercise that can help you prepare for most of your applications:

    1. Close your eyes and imagine the day you were born.
    2. Now imagine that you are an actor in your life movie and script your whole journey to this very moment in your life.
    3. Continue the visualization for about 15 minutes.
    4. Now read the core values of the institution that you are preparing for and the questions in the DAF.
    5. Relate your life events to the values and questions and you have a golden speech and DAF ready to cruise you through the selection process.
      This will ensure that you do not have to lie in your selection process. TISS is one place where you can be your authentic self and not fake ‘MBAesque’ demeanour.

    Essay and GD

    TISS does not judge you on the basis of your linguistic skills but on your content.
    For the essay, read relevant issues pertaining to your course. Read editorials from the newspapers like Indian Express and the Hindu. Reading 3-4 editorials per topic would suffice. Remember your social awareness and sensitivity is of prime importance in an institute like TISS. Do not become Marie Antoinette and say, “If they cannot afford bread, let them eat cake.”
    During the GD, try to include points from other people when you express your opinion.
    If you have read the editorials, you might know few cases or facts.
    Build your opinions by citing these facts.
    Do NOT shout or argue! If you do not get a chance to present you opinion, interject in support of those you agree and try to seek a chance to summarise the discussion. GD is as much about your conduct as your knowledge.


    The duration of the interview does not mean anything. My interview barely lasted for 10 minutes, but I got through right in the first list. The content and relevance of what you speak in the interview matters the most.
    • Generate curiosity about yourself as a candidate through your introduction.
    • Make very strong ‘about yourself’, ‘why HR’ and ‘why TISS’ speeches.
    • Leave some strategic lose ends which lead to questions that you can battle sitting in your comfort zone.
    • Do not invent stories; the Professors at TISS are highly experienced teachers who can see right through you!
    If you are a fresher, brush up your basics and try to link them to your course content. Experienced candidates might be asked to correlate work experience with the course they have applied to. Do read up some basics of HR: a few labour laws, recent changes in labour laws, organization behaviour- motivation theories, performance management models etc. No need to prepare them all, just a basic brush of things which you can talk about if asked.
    Remember, TISS is not a B-school and they do not expect you to be polished professionals with an American accent to your English.
    TISS firmly believes in individual competencies.
    Just be yourself, be socially aware and speak what you believe.

    There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth
    - Charles Dickens

    All the very best!

    About the Author:

    Shama is currently pursuing HRM &LR at TISS, Mumbai. She is a staunch Potterhead and devours good music. She shares her amateur perspectives on HR on her blog HRSapiens. She enjoys photography, culinary exploration, and literary eloquence

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