Quant Boosters - Kamal Lohia - Set 8

  • Number of Questions: 30
    Topic: Quant Mixed Bag
    Answer key available?: Yes
    Source: Quant Masters Forum

  • Q1) If a/(b + c - a) = b/(c + a - b) = c/(a + b - c), find the value of each ratio.
    a. 0
    b. -1/2
    c. -1
    d. 1
    e. cannot be determined

  • Q2) Three persons A, B and C rent the grazing of a park for Rs. 570. A put 126 oxen in the park for 3 months, B puts in 162 oxen for 5 months and C puts in 216 oxen for 4 months. What part of the rent should each person pay?
    a. 105, 220, 245
    b. 125, 205, 245
    c. 105, 225, 240
    d. data inadequate
    d. None of these

  • Q3) What is the least integer which when added to both terms of the ratio 5 : 9 will make a ratio greater than 7 : 10?
    a. 5
    b. 4
    c. 3
    d. 2
    e. 1

  • Q4) A dealer offers a cash discount of 20% and still makes a profit of 20%, when he further allows 16 articles to a dozen to a particularly sticky bargainer. How much percent above the cost price were his wares listed? [CAT1994]
    a. 100%
    b. 80%
    c. 75%
    d. 66.66%

  • Q5) The price of sugar increases by 32%. A family reduces its consumption so that the expenditure of the sugar is up by 10% only. If the total consumption of sugar before the price rise was 10 kg per month, then the consumption of sugar per month at present (in kg) is
    a. 8.33
    b. 8.5
    c. 8.75
    d. 9

  • Q6) A group of worker was put on a job. From the second day onward, one worker was withdrawn each day. The job was finished when the last worker was withdrawn. If no worker was withdrawn at any stage, the group would have finished the work in two-third time. How many worker were there in the group?
    a. 2
    b. 3
    c. 5
    d. 10
    e. None of these

  • Q7) The price of a car rises by 30% while the sales come down by 20%. What is the percent change in total revenue? [CAT1996]
    a. -4
    b. -2
    c. +4
    d. +2

  • Q8) A is 50% as efficient as B. C does half the work done by A & B together. If C alone does the work in 40 days, then in how many days will A alone can do the work?
    a. 30 days
    b. 40 days
    c. 45 days
    d. 50 days
    e. 60 days

  • Q9) A, B and C can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can A do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day?
    a. 12 days
    b. 15 days
    c. 16 days
    d. 18 days

  • Q10) 2/5 of voters promise to vote for P and the rest promised to vote for Q. Of these, 15% of the voters went back of their promise to vote for P and 25% of the voters went back of their promise to vote for Q and P lost by 2 votes. Then total number of voters is
    a. 100
    b. 110
    c. 90
    d. 95

  • Q11) A alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 8 days. A and B undertook to do it for Rs. 3200. With the help of C, they completed the work in 3 days. How much is to be paid to C?
    a. Rs. 375
    b. Rs. 400
    c. Rs. 600
    d. Rs. 800

  • Q12) The rate of inflation was 1000%. Then what will be the cost of an article, which cots 6 units of currency now, two years from now? [CAT1995]
    a. 666
    b. 660
    c. 720
    d. 726

  • Q13) A student took five papers in an examination, where the full marks were same for each paper. His marks in these papers were in the proportion of 6:7:8:9:10. In all papers together, the candidate obtained 60% of the total marks. Then the number of papers in which he got more than 50% marks is [CAT2001]
    a. 2
    b. 3
    c. 4
    d. 5

  • Q14) I bought 5 pens, 7 pencils and 4 erasers. Rajan bought 6 pens, 8 erasers and 14 pencils for an amount which was half more than what I paid. What percent of the total paid by me was for pens? [CAT1996]
    a. 37.5%
    b. 62.5%
    c. 50%
    d. None of these

  • Q15) Given the equation (5/2)x - b = (8/5)x + 142, find the smallest positive integer b such that the solution x is a positive integer.

  • Q16) Solve for x if (x - a - b)/c + (x - b - c)/a + (x - c - a)/b = 3 and ab + bc + ca ≠ 0.

  • Q17) Find the condition for 'a' such that equation |ax - 2y - 3| + |5x + 9| = 0 has the solution (x, y) where x, y have same sign

  • Q18) Find the number of positive integer solutions of the equation 123x + 57y = 531.

  • Q19) Find all x which satisfy the equation x^4 - 12x^3 + 47x^2 - 60x = 0.

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