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    Two trains start simultaneously from A and B towards B and A respectively at 8 a.m. They cross each other at 12 noon. Train starting from B, thereafter, takes 6 hrs to reach A. On a particular day the train starting from A, reduced its speed and arrived at B, 200 min late. At what time did the trains cross each other on that day?
    A)1:00 pm
    B)2:00 pm
    C)1:30 pm
    D) None of these

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    Find the volume of the solid obtained when the region bounded by y = √x, y = −x and the line x = 9 is revolved around the x-axis.

    Sir, according to me that will be a cone having radius=6 unit and height=9 unit. So the required volume will be 108π. But tell me the right approach....

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    A steel container is sold at Rs 120 cash or Rs 25 as cash down payment and Rs.25 a month for 4 months .The rate of interest per annum charged under the installment plan is .
    (a) 26.09%
    (b) 24.09%
    (c) 20 %
    (d) 23.25%

    Sir i have tried this way. Worth of Rs 95 after 4 months = 25 * [100 * 4+(R * 4 * 3)/100]

    Please guide me

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    A,B and C start running along the circumference of a circle(circumference=1200 m) at the same time from the same point.A and B run in the clockwise direction with constant speeds of 8 m/s and 6 m/s respectively.C runs in the anticlockwise direction with a constant speed of 5 m/s.What is the time difference between the first two instances when C is equidistant from A and B along the circumference?
    a)120 seconds b) 50 secs c)60 secs d) 100 secs
    What's the procedure to solve this question?

  • Being MBAtious!


    120 rupees is the original price
    25 rupees down payment means 95 rupees is what we are "Borrowing" from the shop.
    Amount paid in instalments = 25 * 4 = 100
    So 100 - 95 = 5 is the interest
    Now this interest gained (Rs 5) is through the interest gained in the available amount month by month.
    5 = 95R/(12 * 100) + 70R/(12 * 100) + 45R/(12 * 100) + 20R/(12 * 100)
    5 = 230R/(12 * 100)
    R = 6000/230 = 26.09%

  • Working together B and C take 50% more number of days than A, B and C together take and A and B working together, take 8/3 more number of days than A, B and C take together. If A, B and C all have worked together till the completion of the work and B has received Rs. 120 out of total earnings of Rs, 450, then in how many days did A, B and C together complete the whole work?

  • @vinaycat2017 Answer is 30 square units

  • In how many ways can distinct words of 5 letters each be made using the English alphabet?

  • @zabeer
    A sphere passes through the midpoints of the twelve edges of a cube that has edges of length 6 inches. What is the surface area of the sphere, in square inches? Express your answer in terms of pi.


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