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Question 1. Which one of the following is also known as solution?

a) A compound
b) A homogeneous mixture
c) A heterogeneous mixture
d) A suspension

Answer : b) A homogeneous mixture

Who was the first child born after operative procedure?
a) Caesar
b) Huxley
c) William
d) Pasteur
Ans : a) Caesar

It is easy to work with options. Only options which has the number in the ration 1:2 is Option C, hence the answer. As a double check, Just add 4 to each numbers in the given option and see whether it is in the ratio 2:3. If we add 4 to the numbers given in Option C ( 4 and 8 ) we get 8 and 12 which is in the ration 2:3
Else, just make the equation as m+4/2m+4 = 2/3 => 3m + 12 = 4m + 16 => m = 4 and 2m = 8, Option C

Male mosquitoes take their food from
a) The human blood
b) The standing water
c) The sap of plants
d) The dung and other debris

Ans : c) The sap of plants

A firm practising price discrimination will be
a) Charging different prices for different qualities of a product
b) Buying in the cheapest and selling in the dearest markets
c) Charging different prices in different markets for a product
d) Buying only from firms selling in bulk at a distance

Ans : c) Charging different prices in different markets for a product

Here we have to use the concept of negative work.
Pipe1 can fill the tank in 12 minutes, means it can fill 1/12th of the tank in one minute.
Pipe2 can empty the tank in 20 minutes, means it can empty 1/20th of the tank in one minute.
Net amount filled in the tank per minute when both pipes are in action = 1/12 – 1/20 = 1/30