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People Power Corporation presently employs three Managers (A, B and C) and five recruitment agents (D, E, F, G and H). The company is planning to open a new office in San Jose to manage placement of software professionals in the US.

Abdul, Bikram and Chetan are three professional traders who trade in shares of a company XYZ Ltd. Abdul follows the strategy of buying at the opening of the day at 10 am and selling the whole lot at the close of the day at 3 pm. Bikram follows the strategy of buying at hourly intervals: 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon, 1 pm, and 2 pm, and selling the whole lot at the close of the day. Further, he buys an equal number of shares in each purchase. Chetan follows a similar pattern as Bikram but his strategy is somewhat different. Chetan’s total investment amount is divided equally among his purchases.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning problems solved. Prepared by Edwin Jose who aced CAT 2015 with 99.99 percentile and scored a perfect 100 percentile in DILR section.

ABC is a firm which deals with furniture. Manufacturing of table requires three levels of assembly. The finished table is at first level. The leg assembly and table top are second level. The leg assembly and table top are second level. The pieces that go into the leg assembly are at the third level which consist of short rails, long rails and legs.

By using statement A
We can't determine Mukesh is at right of Rakesh or at left.
By using statement B
Prime number less than 37 are 31 and many other.
So there is also not any possibility to determine the position.
Result :- Both statements are not sufficient.

Option b. The number of property crimes in 2000 was 180 × H where H is the number of households in the thousands in 2000.
The number of violent crimes in 1975 was 49 x P1 where P1 is the population in 1975 in thousands. Therfore, 180 x H/(49 x P1) = 1.45 which gives P1/H = 3.67/1.45
The quantity required is P2/H where P2 is the population in 2000.
P2/P1 = (157 + 2.3 x 50) / (157 + 2.3 x 25) = 272/214.5
Therefore, P2/H = 272/214.5 x 3.67/1.45 ~ 3.2

Rules :
1. One positive & another positive statement make a positive conclusion.
2. One positive & one negative statement make one negative conclusion.
3. Two negative statement will yield no conclusion.
4. One common element value must be 10.

It is cleared that match IIM C and IIM B was drawn,and own second drawn match IIM C had played with IIM A.
If IIM C would have been played against IIM K then obviously either IIM K or IIM C could get points,but IIM K had 0 points.
It is clear IIM B had played against all 3 teams where it won against IIM A & IIM K,and played drawn with IIM C.
It is clear IIM K had played 2 matches against IIM A & IIM B and in both matches it lost.