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Tips to read more and better.


Ayushi Mona is an alumni of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. Born in Delhi and now living in Bombay, she can never remember a time when she wasn't reading or waiting to read. Currently, a Product Manager of the Merchant Acquiring Division of a large private bank, she destresses by reading and writing about reading.


Tips to read more and better :

1. Never read out aloud. Worst habit ever. Learn to read inside your head. That will double your reading speed.

2. Reading sentences instead of individual words and increasing the scope of your view will triple your reading speed.

3. Don't sniff old books. This romantic notion has given me enough sneezing fits in my lifetime.

4. Do not tolerate condescending idiots in your life who make fun of you for reading too much or reading a particular type of books.

5. Read where there is quiet, peace, and silence. There are people who can read in a noisy environment but then there are also people who can sleep with the lights on and music blasting through their ears. It's not the same. Reading is essentially a loner's activities, a soul-search while delving into another world. Read alone. Do not treat interruptions lightly. It's okay to read while you travel, as long as it's a quiet train/car/bus ride with minimal noise.

6. Never stretch a book to too many sittings. Ideally you should read 50-100 pages in one sitting. If you are taking too long, either the book doesn't aspire you to read faster and further, in which case you should abandon it. Or, you are too busy, in which case, you should leave the book and re read it with respect when you can give the book its due course.

7. Every book will seem different depending on your age, maturity and mood. Make peace with books you hate. Do not bitch about them. There's no point. Let them go. Some relationships don't work. Some books don't work. Don't crib. Hunt for new books.

8. Bookmarks are handy for amateur readers. Personally, I hate them. I just remember the page number. Or Get dual purpose bookmarks - where you can scribble notes or a digital dictionary bookmark (saw it at a crossword, loved it).

9. Read with good posture. I have terrible posture and poor eyesight because of my poor reading habits. Do not do this to yourself. Your spine and your eyes are more precious than what Tom Sawyer did.

10. There is no need to remember everything you've ever read. Some books give you fleeting joy, some thrill you, some are permanent loves set for returns and re returns.

11. Never read a book with an objective of learning anything. Read to enjoy yourself. The learning is a positive externality.

12. Find reading nooks. A special corner of your home, a special habit, a special place. Find a quaint cafe in your city or a hammock in your backyard (Remember Jo March munching on apples , lying in a hammock and reading?).

13. If you are single, don't consume romance novels by the kilo. They will set unrealistic, over dramatic expectations for your relationships.

14. Read. Keep reading. The Newspaper/Magazines/Journals. Even if you read a lot online, whenever possible try to read physical copies.

15. However, for convenience sake, download a ePub reader / get a kindle. Use technology. But read a hard copy once a while.

16. Underline. Write down quotes of books you like. I have a few quotes from every book I've ever loved. They are in a diary. Reading those quotes again is like re reading the book.

17. Never use a pen or a highlighter on a book.

18. Never keep the book open, facing down while you are in the middle of it. A book's spine is as treacherous as yours.

19. Oh, and if you wish , to truly understand a book, try to relate to the Author and not the characters.
When you read Lolita, admire Nabokov rather than being repelled by Humbert.

There is no one way of reading books but I hope this helped!



 Lately i started this habit of reading and its quite overwhelming experience. I really regeret that why wasn't i reading. But i think its never too late to begin.  Can you provide a list of books concerning  different areas ( from pyshology to business theme). It will be of good help to turn me into voracious reader ;-)..